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Asbury Park Vibes is a media outlet dedicated to shining a light on the music scene at the Jersey Shore and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S.! We strive to provide show reviews and photographs that capture the true essence and fan experience of each concert. Our coverage focuses keenly on the artists and venues in legendary Asbury Park, New Jersey, however you'll also catch us promoting events in PA and NY as well! There is nothing better than the energy and vibes you feel when you experience a concert at the Jersey Shore! Thanks for visiting our site! We're sure we'll see you at a concert here very soon!  🤘


"I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life and love that there are so many opportunities to attend live music events here. My career path has taken many twists and turns (from music to education to business), but I’ve always needed a creative outlet and photography fills that desire perfectly. I’m in love with the rock and alternative genres and feel most at home when immersed in that crowd.

Although the entire Jersey Shore music scene is legendary in and of itself, the area that holds a special place in my heart is the City of Asbury Park. It’s a living, breathing, dynamic environment that is home to the most talented musicians who crush the stages here night after night. And because of these unique music vibes, artists from all over the world are drawn to perform here as well. When my two passions – music photography and Asbury Park – came together ... Asbury Park Vibes was born! I adore highlighting this musical mecca, sharing the concert experience with others, and helping to promote bands with distinctive portraits and press. Give a shout out if you see me in the pit so we can talk about our shared love of everything rock and roll!!!"




"Who’s Gary? We all ask ourselves that at some point don’t we? Well, maybe not “who’s Gary”, but you know what I mean! Currently living in South Jersey, Tabernacle more specifically, I’ve been tinkering with cameras ever since I could remember. What started out as a hobby, has grown into, well, a bigger hobby and since life is all about enjoying yourself, why not take some time to do what you want to do! Sales and Marketing by day, I’m following my dream (the best I can) as much as possible. I’ll shoot anything that catches my eye but mostly landscape, city and concerts are what sparks my interest. I truly believe in telling stories through pictures and I try my best to convey that to my audience of viewers. When I’m not carrying around one of my Sony Pro outfits, I can often be found enjoying the great outdoors, music, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting or just sitting somewhere trying to be inspired. My little kids aren’t so little anymore so I think it may be time to start thinking of “team Gary” and about the next story I can tell!"   


"I grew up in the electric music scene of Asbury Park, NJ, drumming since the age of 5. As a performer, I am passionate about capturing the thrilling moments artists experience on stage. My interest in concert photography has immensely grown from building relationships with local bands and venues along the Jersey Shore. I am currently studying Music Business at New York University and have since taken my talents to the city. I’m proud to share my passion as a contributor to Asbury Park Vibes! There’s no other place like Asbury Park."


"My goal every time I go out to shoot is to capture an amazing story through images. Everyone has a story and I want to help get this story out to others. I love music, I listen to it, film it, and photograph it. Through this passion I have established myself as a premiere photographer across our vast music scene. I specialize in capturing the energy and essence of high-profile bands and artists in performance. My photography is a reflection of a deep relationship within a creative community of musicians, artists, and photographers. Some of my earliest live music memories involve Asbury Park; I look forward to assisting in the great tradition that is the Asbury Park music scene."


Marc Komito is a high school math teacher and summer camp counselor with a passion for live music. The married father of 2 has since evolved from writing setlists and show notes on the back of Dupree’s Diamond Deadhead News and now loves to recount his live music escapades for others. Marc is a lifelong NJ resident who can be found at live offerings all over the New York Metropolitan area, though the Jersey Shore, and Asbury Park in particular, are his preferred stomping grounds.

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