Podcast # 118 with Doug Dresher & Diane DiMemmo

July 28, 2022

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We were thrilled to recently have Asbury Park dynamo musicians Natalie Farrell and Lou Panico in our studio for our latest podcast. They are an incredible team as husband and wife as well as collaborators in songwriting and scoring; however they are successful independent artists in their own right. 

Natalie's discography includes an EP, a live album, and five singles ... the latest stellar tune titled, "Fake Authenticity." She dove into the meaning and inspiration for this new music which is fascinating and well worth the listen. Natalie's hope for "Fake Authenticity" to help others navigate the negative web of social media that sucks us all in and sometimes influences our emotions and actions.

Fresh off a dynamite performance opening for Morningside Lane at Asbury Lanes, Natalie is currently prepping for her first "Rave" headlining show at The House of Independents on September 2 alongside pals Blaise, Dano, and Taylor Tote! Tickets can be purchased here.

During our podcast, Lou also touched upon his extensive touring experience with former band SOCRATIC (Drive-Thru Records) and sharing the stage with acts such as Bleachers, The All American Rejects, The Early November, Incubus, and Mumford & Sons. He also  has released an amazing new single titled "Heard A Song" and shared there's a lot of new music coming soon. 

Definitely tune into Podcast #118 to hear Natalie and Lou go back in time and share their memories of the the events that propelled them into their music careers. We also dove into the nuts and bolts of collaborative songwriting, how to promote yourself, and techniques for manifesting your dreams. A must-listen for everyone!

Listen to Podcast Episode #118

Listen to "Fake Authenticity"

Listen to "Heard A Song"

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Diane DiMemmo is the founder and editor of Asbury Park Vibes. In addition to hosting the APV Podcast and Artist Spotlight series, she specializes in portrait, promo, and tour photography.

Born from an existential argument between the modernists and postmodernists, I have found my home with the post-punks and those who love a good slice of pizza. I live in a world of art in the age of mechanical reproduction and the ever-elusive decisive moment. Punctum and Stadium aside, I like to take photographs of people and things to see how they look photographed. While I miss CBGBs, I think Asbury Park is as close as we are ever going to get to making punk whatever we make it to be. The future is unwritten and I owe it all to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Martin. Let us now praise famous men and ask the little prince for his thoughts. Sometimes I'm on the road, but If it wasn’t for the honor of the thing, I’d rather walk. My loving wife supports this albatross of an obsession and my kids put up with me well. BA, MFA, M.Ed., BCEA, Tri-X, and Nikon.

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