Podcast/Words/Photos: Diane DiMemmo

Episode # 111

May 27, 2022

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I didn't think a conversation with a band would be as fun as watching them perform live, but I had an absolute blast chatting with the guys of Ordinary People for the APV Podcast.

The Northern NJ funk/rap/rock band is wise beyond their years when it comes to vision, dedication, and focus in regards to the band's direction and future plans. We talked all about the importance of practice and preparation, how their tunes are fleshed out, and the history of the band. 

Ordinary People is preparing for the release of their sophomore album - Burning the Midnight Oil - on June 10th, which promises to be a dynamic next step in the development of their signature sound. During the podcast, we get a behind-the-scenes acoustic performance of "The Midnight Oil - Interlude" and the new single, "Catching Your Fall."

Tune into Podcast #111 to get to know the band really well ... and to find out why Ordinary People are more like "extraordinary" people!

Listen to Podcast #111 with Ordinary People!

Pre-Save "Burning The Midnight Oil"

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Seamus Murphy - Lead Vocals

Frankie Revis - Guitar

Ryan Funnell - Bass

Donny Mueller - Drums / Percussion

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Diane DiMemmo is the founder and editor of Asbury Park Vibes. In addition to hosting the APV Podcast and Artist Spotlight series, she specializes in portrait, promo, and tour photography.

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