It's Alexander Simone's LIVE CREW, that's who!

Podcast # 124 with Alexander Simone & Diane DiMemmo

Photos by Doug Dresher

November 14, 2022

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When you go to a live performance featuring Alexander Simone, you hear the most wondrous music and vocals behind his larger-than-life stage presence. And the natural question that pops into your mind is "Who is THAT?" or ... "WHODAT?!"

Simone very proudly refers to his "WHODAT? LIVE CREW" band as his family and we spend the better part of our most recent podcast chatting about their extraordinary talent, personalities, and musical upbringing. Their stories are fascinating so we invite you to tune in and learn all about this incredible group of musicians!

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Diane DiMemmo is the founder and editor of Asbury Park Vibes. In addition to hosting the APV Podcast and overseeing the AP Vibes Music Mag ... she specializes in live music/portrait photography, copywriting, and artist development & management services.

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