Alex Julia Channels Introspection in EP - Better Part of Me

By Marley Scheld

November 5, 2020

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Photo: Jennifer Petrics (Pastel Moon Photography)

Self-proclaimed singer-songwriter and foodie Alex Julia debuted her EP Better Part of Me in September. The 80s and 90s-inspired rock EP dives into feelings of loneliness, heartbreak, and desire. In 6 songs and 20 minutes she takes an introspective and wild voyage into past relationships and the encompassing love, lust, and heartbreak.

Alex Julia is a New Jersey native whose music is inspired by local Asbury Park talent. She’s performed at iconic Jersey venues like The Stone Pony, and recently played at the Asbury Park Porchfest.

Back in December, Julia released the first single from the EP, “Counting Stars.” Without a doubt, this song is inspired by 80s female rockers. The single was revamped for its release on the EP, adding more techno elements and a filter on her voice. As one of the strongest tracks, it encompasses everything the EP is about. “You’re always on my mind,” Julia sings, as she contemplates why she goes back to someone who hurt her so much. There’s quite literally a heart-stopping moment at the climax, where the music cuts out while Julia sings over a Phil Collins-esque drum solo.

Another strong one is the title track, “Better Part of Me.” Julia proclaims, “You don’t see the better part of me, you just see what you wanna see.” The song goes through phases of emotions after losing someone you love, who might have been too toxic to stay in your life. She emphasizes the lonely, somber feeling after a breakup, and the wanting to go back to the comfort of the relationship, even if the person was toxic. She also recorded and released an acoustic version that is not on the EP which is worth checking out because of the stripped-down sincerity in her voice.

In “What’s Going On,” Julia brings in an artist known as Jean as a feature on the track. Jean has a softer voice in comparison with Julia, giving a good balance to her grunge and emotional 80s rock vibe. The rest of the tracks tap into the expressive emotions that Julia conveys so greatly in the rest of her music. In the opening track “It’s Coming,” Julia repeats the line “come to me” as an electric guitar blasts in the background, which highlights her desire and desperation.

She closes the EP with “Feeling More,” which is more acoustic in comparison with the rest of the album. It’s a stripped back way to close the EP, almost like a sigh of relief after letting all the raw emotion loose. It’s a hopeful ending, highlighting a hazy, drunk-in-love feeling after finding the right person. “I’m feeling more than I used to,” she sings, as the acoustic guitar swells around her.

Alex Julia is able to tap into her raw and honest emotions when it comes to writing about her relationships of love and heartbreak. In a world where there is so much to process, Julia puts all she can give on a platter within the 6 songs on her EP. The genuine lyrics come off as an authentic reflection of her own self in relation to others.

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