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Interview with Diane DiMemmo

October 1, 2020

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Brianna Musco is a proud Jersey girl through and through. She knows exactly what she wants and is working tirelessly on her plan to get there. The Montvale, NJ musician (who majored in music at Delaware State and Monmouth Universities) possesses positivity, drive, and a strong work ethic that seems to come, in part, from her upbringing, as well being an inherent part of her DNA.

Inspired by her brothers’ superior athleticism, Brianna excelled in sports earning 12 varsity letters in high school and helping Delaware State win back-to-back league championships on the Women’s Soccer Team during her tenure there. But it was the guitar lessons she took for years at her uncle’s music school, as well as her parents’ support, that planted the seed for music to become a career choice.

“So when I got to college,” Brianna explained, “and I was going to learn about music theory and also get to kick a soccer ball for three hours while hanging with my teammates, I thought, ‘So THIS is how you're supposed to live your life ... the way you want and being happy!' Wow, what a concept!”

Brianna hit the ground running right out of college with the smash-hit single, “Forever,” which landed her a tour in the UK and Europe, completed right before the pandemic hit. She performed in thirty-five locations including Brussels, Spain, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Romania, and Germany; stopping short of their show in Paris which was cancelled due to Coronavirus. After I asked about how such a young artist could participate in a tour so early on, Brianna responded, “The Internet is a beautiful thing. All of a sudden, Instagram picked up ‘Forever,’ and I wouldn't say it went viral; but it went more viral than my grandma watching it. You look at your Spotify, and realize you have listeners [all the way] in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s fantastic.”

The tour was an experience Brianna hopes to replicate once restrictions are lifted and said she thoroughly enjoyed it alongside her bandmates, whose musical chops she raved on and on about. “We have Owen Flanagan at the drums, Nick Ryan and Bryan Rojas playing guitars, and Luigi Sardi at Bass. On tour, the boys and I went to every single place that we could think of. We hit the ‘touristy’ spots for a little to get that really good barbecue. But we would also walk into a Target and just start talking to people. I'm sure it's annoying; but by the end of it, we're best friends with the people, and it's just always making those connections. It’s about offering genuine value to people's lives (the positivity) and showing them, ‘Hey, I think I can make you smile today.’”

Offering value, making people smile, and supporting those who are struggling are goals that drive Brianna's songwriting and performing; and that passion comes through loud and clear with her most recent single, “Never Stay.” The catchy pop single showcases Brianna’s smooth, versatile vocals as it takes you through more serious subject matter.

“'Never Stay' is a song about a very toxic relationship,” she explained, “and I think that it’s something that a lot of people relate to, unfortunately, during quarantine. A lot of people don't really talk about it but quarantine's the worst-case scenario for people that are going through domestic violence and just any type of harassment because you're stuck at home with the person.”

Not content to just perform and share her music, Brianna has been doing regular live stream performances throughout quarantine and has donated all of the money raised to a local women’s shelter close to her home called The Center for Hope & Safety.

Brianna continued, “I like to take care of my own, my hometown, the people nearest to me. So, I always love thinking globally, but I'm a Jersey girl, so I like to make sure everyone around home is taken care of as much as possible. When the music video comes out, all of that money will also be donated too.”

“I've had so many wonderful, amazing people reach out and just tell me how proud they are of me and for waiting for the right moment to make sure I do it [release the single] correctly. I keep getting videos of people jamming out in their cars while driving down the Parkway which is which is why we do it.”

Always busy, Brianna and her team also just wrapped up the filming of the “Never Stay” video, which she's eagerly anticipating.

“Like we were saying earlier, the music video is about a toxic relationship, and so we were a little aggressive in showcasing and depicting that type of situation, those types of events. We're going to be having a lot of information at the end of it with hotlines and websites that you can reach out to if you're in a situation that you need to get out of; and also a database of local women's shelters that may be nearest to you. So, I'm very excited to use that video to showcase things that people don't like to talk about and then be able to improve upon those situations in individual lives.”

Our conversation frequently came back to family and the impact her parents have had on her life and the decisions she makes. Brianna’s parents (whom she refers to as “awesome” and people she’d want to hang with if they were friends) raised her by the motto “If you have something that you think offers value, go for it.” Growing up, she had regular chores like cleaning the house on Sundays. A CD player shuffled songs by Stevie Nicks (her absolute favorite musician), Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Earth Wind Fire, and Stevie Wonder.

“So, that's the music that I was raised on. To this day, anytime I hear Janet Jackson, I smell Lemon Pledge.”

That work ethic - instilled in her at an early age - carries through to making solid decisions about her blossoming career in a manner that far exceeds her years. “Quarantine is an awful situation,” she stated. “I figured, all right, we can either waste time and think ‘Oh, this sucks’ and watch Netflix. Or we could plan out the entire next year, year and a half. At least releases, not really tours; but write music, get your projects done, enjoy doing it, and figure out a more efficient way to get them done because you can't really go to studios [now].”

Recently, Brianna has thought long and hard about her European Tour and how much she loved the experience, validating for herself that music is what she was meant to do. She said, "I asked myself, ‘How can we do that again … but bigger?’”

With Brianna’s determination and ability to make things happen, I cannot wait to see how big and far-reaching her next tour promises to be!


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