By Diane DiMemmo

June 9, 2020

When you first meet the guys in the band BACKHOUSE, you’re struck by just how likable they are. The Bradley Beach (NJ) natives are laid back, honest, and genuine; which is so refreshing in a social media-soaked world where many try to put up a rehearsed “front.” And their music is a perfect extension of that cool cat vibe with an alternative rock/psychedelic sound that’s as mesmerizing as it is fresh and new.

BACKOUSE is Taylor (vocals, guitar), Kyle (bass), Trevor (keys and synth) and Walton (drums); musicians who have been creating music together for the last year and a half. Taylor and Kyle have been friends since the sixth grade but didn’t start playing music together until later on in life. “We ended up living together in a backhouse in Bradley Beach and got invited to do a show before we were really a band,” said Taylor. “We needed a band name, so it just kind of happened serendipitously." Kyle credits Taylor with inspiring him to become a musician and taking his bass playing to a new level. “It's funny that the guy sitting here next to me - who really set a flame for me to become a musician - I ended up being in a band with.” Trevor and Walton joined the band soon after that and together, the group has cornered a truly distinctive sound.

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Being fascinated with the songwriting process and how bands massage their individual ideas into a final product, I asked the guys how they get their organic, unfiltered sound. Taylor answered, “I don't think that there's any direction that we intend for when making music. It's just something that comes together as a collective. Like three ingredients that can be used for different dishes, making this [one] dish.” Then Trevor added, “When we rehearse for even just creative content, we usually will all get together. Taylor will come with the lyrics, and potentially a riff or some chords that we can all work around. And then we'll all just take ourselves ... entirely. And try to be as conscious of what he's doing and form around it to the smoothest of our abilities. We don't have to do too much more than that to make what we do happen. That's a very special thing.”

Very special indeed. As a matter of fact, their recent release of the single “Fruit Breakfast” is quickly gaining traction with fans and industry insiders alike. It’s a tune listeners want to play over and over again because of the comforting, warm feelings it evokes. There’s a playful back-and-forth banter between the bass, keys, and drums that comes off as effortless and like making music together is the most natural thing in the world for these guys. On top of it all floats Taylor’s soothing, melancholy vocals and pleasing guitar chord progressions.

The band also chose to produce an official video of the single which was released in February of 2020. Even though it took place on a houseboat in a beautiful marina in Brick, the band admits it was a lot of work and a long day to get the video just right. "It looks warm in the video, but it was sooooo cold. There was no heat in that thing,” laughed Taylor. Kyle added, “Yeah, we had to act like it was warm because I feel the song gives you a warm, summertime vibe.” Despite any challenges, the music video came off beautifully and the band decided to also string together a bunch of hilarious outtakes in a behind-the-scenes video as well.

BACKOUSE admits they’re “sitting on some tunes” that they’ve been working on and credit New Future Studio with being an integral part of that process. Taylor explains, “We're very fortunate to be working with really good people. We’re working at New Future in Belmar specifically under Paul Ritchie of The Parlor Mob. Working and mentoring underneath him has been extremely rewarding and fun. It's any musician’s or band’s dream to be in the studio and I know for me, it was a long time coming to be recording in an actual studio.” Kyle quickly tacked on, “Yeah, in the studio, we were like kids on Christmas morning!”

BACKHOUSE was recently named to NJ 101.5’s list of the “Top 10 Up-And-Coming Acts in NJ,” putting them in the company of many other highly regarded, well-established musicians. This is a band to definitely keep on your radar and I can't wait to hear the music they drop on us next!


Taylor – vocals, guitar

Kyle- bass

Trevor - keys and synth

Walton - drums


Bradley Beach, NJ


Alternative Rock


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