The Syncopation of Collaboration

Catching Up with Joe Trilli and Joey Prince

Interview and Photos by Diane DiMemmo

September 9, 2020

Joe Trilli and Joey Prince

Friendships can be forged in so many different ways, but have you ever heard of two friends saying they first bonded over a cowbell? Well, that’s exactly how Jersey Shore drummers Joey Prince and Joe Trilli met, and they’re standing by that story. Prince (of Vendetta Rose) and Trilli (of The Flukes) met after they played a show together a couple of years ago at The Chubby Pickle in Highlands, New Jersey.

“I remember seeing their set and thinking, 'Oh my God, their drummer is insane.’ I have to meet that guy.” stated Trilli. “And when I saw that we played the same cowbell I knew there were shared interests there.”

“Yeah, we became friends over the cowbell,” laughed Prince, who also expressed his admiration for Trilli’s percussive skills.

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The two hit it off immediately and have been co-headlining shows, giving each other advice, sharing techniques, and hanging out ever since. Their respective bands have played countless shows together since that day and also share Prince and Trilli’s camaraderie. Just a day before this interview was conducted, Vendetta Rose and The Flukes once again played The Chubby Pickle; however one band member couldn’t make the gig.

“Yes, so we had this show planned and we were all excited,” explained Trilli. “Then, unfortunately, Kyle found out he couldn't make it and we didn’t want to have to back out of the show. We really wanted to play with them. So, we asked vocalist Alec [Demello, of Vendetta Rose] if he would be willing to sing a few songs with us so we didn't have to cancel. He was very willing and open to doing it; it helped us out a great deal and it was really fun.”

Prince explained further, “I think right now, these days, [this type of cooperation between bands] is very hard to find. So many artists are trying to get out there and do the same thing we’re doing and it's just very hard to find people you can get along with.”

Both Trilli and Prince acknowledge that there is a lot of competition in the music industry. “The way I see it is why try to make on your own, when you should just be helping each other. And I think being able to work with a band that gets along with you and has the same mindset makes it just so much easier. It’s half the battle,” said Trilli.

Joe Trilli and Joey Prince

Even though Vendetta Rose and The Flukes have been bands for just a few short years, they both have developed unique signature sounds that make them stand out in the vibrant Jersey Shore music community. Vendetta Rose boasts a true classic rock sound where The Flukes have a beachier punk-rock vibe. Trilli and Prince both feel that the pairing of their different genres into one show creates an exciting experience for concertgoers. However, due to the current live music restrictions, Trilli and Prince admit the situation is less than ideal and they can't wait to start playing again in all of their favorite venues.

Trilli explained, “Performing live is so different now, in my opinion. I feel we always try to have so much energy on stage; we build off the energy of the crowd. But now, we look out at an empty room because everyone’s outside. It’s so different.”

Prince added, “Yeah, it feels like a little rehearsal."

Although the pandemic has put a vice on live performances, neither Vendetta Rose nor The Flukes are wasting any of this down time.

Prince stated that Vendetta Rose is currently in the studio recording a new album under Paul Ritchie, of The Parlor Mob. “We worked with Paul on our recent release, 'Evil Genius.' It was the first time we worked with him. He’s super nice, so knowledgeable, and he gets us. He brings out the best of what we can do. And I think that's why all of our music, lately, sounds better than we've ever sounded before. Paul’s just THAT guy.”

Trilli shared that The Flukes have been consistently working on writing music and have developed a fresh, new sound that's a little different than what they’ve previously recorded. Their plan is to release a new album in the near future.  They also recently filmed a video biography about their band and are hoping to make a new music video (like the one for "Edge of Town") soon.

In addition, both The Flukes and Vendetta Rose have plans in the works to tour the Northeast corridor.

Toward the end of our conversation, Prince began to mention yet another project for Vendetta Rose but then stopped short and admitted he wasn’t able to talk about it just yet. Whatever is being kept under wraps sounds extremely exciting and big. The suspense might drive their fans crazy, but it will well be worth the wait.

Trilli joked, “What?? You’re not going to share? That’s ok, I’ll get it out of you, later.”

For more of our conversation, laughs, and stories ... tune into our podcast below!


Artist Collaboration with Joey Prince & Joe Trilli

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