By Nick Manduley

June 4, 2020

EP available tomorrow - Friday, June 5th!

NJ-indie pop rockers Fake Pockets graced us with the opportunity to take a special listen of their new EP Magnolia Street, which drops June 5th via Mint 400 Records. Fake Pockets is the opus of singer/songwriter Devon Alana, who started out singing on her YouTube channel in the mid-2010s. Since then, Alana’s vocal and songwriting prowess has been a force to be reckoned with across Jersey’s local music scene, and Magnolia Street is tangible proof of that.

“Better” kicks off the album with a bang, wasting no time getting to Alana’s folky guitar strumming and drummer Jake Resnick’s upbeat percussion. This song turns the tables on the misogynistic tropes long present in pop-rock lyricism, as Alana proclaims “she deserves better than you” during the oh-so catchy chorus. Guitarist Ahren Henby brings the song full-throttle with a face-melting guitar solo, surely cementing “Better” as a song crowds will inevitably go wild for.

Speaking of solos, Henby shreds his way into the second track, “Nice Enough” over Resnick’s rolling drum beats and bassist Bill Lambusta’s clicking low-end plucks. “I’m sitting in traffic on the Garden State Parkway...” sings Alana, conjuring images that any musician or concertgoer in the local music scene is likely familiar with (and probably now longing for, now that I think about it ... Thanks, COVID-19!).

For anyone who loves to dance at a nice local gig, Magnolia Street has you covered; songs like “Maybe” and “Darling” are bound to get crowds moving. “Maybe” lays down a groove-tastic drum-and-bass foundation decorated with Henby’s guitar leads, which Alana chases with a soaring harmony-laden chorus. “Darling” brings back the pop-powerhouse energy we saw on “Better,” which will undoubtedly put smiles on the faces of those still teary-eyed from “Paper Crane,” the emotive folk track that precedes it.

Magnolia Street closes up shop with “Stay,” a synth-driven ballad that likely wouldn’t sound out of place on The Killer’s Day & Age or Sam’s Town. Resnick’s drumming sounds absolutely massive, and Alana delivers possibly her most captivating vocal performance on the whole record. Add the dreamy synthesizers, reverby guitars, and chunky basslines, and you’ve got the formula for a perfect closing track.

Clocking in at roughly 25 minutes, Magnolia Street is a record that welcomes you with open arms and leaves you feeling like you just got off the emotional rollercoaster you didn’t know you needed. My biggest challenge has been waiting for June 5th to get here so I can download the EP on my phone! So glad the release date is tomorrow!

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