Fetal Rage ... the Epitome of punk rock

Interview & Photos by Doug Dresher

July 17, 2020

Just reading the band’s name should give you the hint that there is something a little different going on here. The lead singer wears a giant diaper and a dress jacket. One of the guitarists wears pasties, and the rest of the band may still be looking for the stage while screaming “Hello Cleveland.”

Fetal Rage is truly birthed from the punk esthetic while also nodding to the DADA Movement and the Theatre of the Surreal. Don’t fooled by the band's quiet demeanor off stage – they rock, they are punk, and they expect the crowd to get as wild as the club allows.

They expect you to sing along, and of need be, they probably don’t mind if you supplement your own words for the songs you haven’t memorized – just as long as you get as wild as the club allows.

There is a tongue-in-cheek attitude that might offend the easily offended. But if you are easily offended, the band won’t mind, you should have expected it. And tough on you if you get offended – this is fun and you may have taken yourself way too seriously.

If the old CBGBs was still around, they could have been the house band – as long as once the show was over you remembered to wash your hands.


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"Regression Therapunk"


Cryin Bryin - Vocals

Pedro Rage - Guitar

Irving -Guitar

Dr. Bill - Drums

Ringo Ronderossi - Bass

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Click to listen!

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