Review by Nick Manduley

September 1, 2020

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North Florida post-hardcore outfit GILT independently released their debut LP Ignore What’s Missing on August 21st. Drawing on influences from bands such as Touché Amoré, MewithoutYou, and Cursive, GILT has cultivated a cornucopia of diverse sounds from the emo musical spectrum on Ignore What’s Missing.

Vocalists Nico Bacigalupo and Tyler Fieldhouse deliver soul-piercing performances that encapsulate sultry melodies, brutal screams, and everything in between. Their energy brings great emotive depth to hard-hitting tracks such as “Children of Animals” and “Sink and Tithe.”

Fieldhouse and lead guitarist Tristian Komorny provide some excellent guitar work on Ignore What’s Missing. Many tracks on this record offer a fierce juxtaposition between fuzzy, distorted riffage and clean-toned strumming, not to mention the occasional arpeggiated lead. However, it all blends together seamlessly, especially on songs such as “Blue Ink Pen,” “What Color Is the Light When It’s Turned Off,” and the emotional powerhouse album-closer “I Didn’t Want You as a Mirror.”

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Bacigalupo is responsible for the tight bass work on this record. They opted for a dirty, in-your-face bass tone that speaks for itself on tracks such as “Flowers” and “Car Seat.” When paired with drummer Ashe Locke’s energetic playing, they form an air-tight rhythm section that ensures that even the particularly noisy and chaotic moments on this record are executed with precision.

Ignore What’s Missing has an excellent sense of flow to it; the somber title track opens the release and builds momentum before spilling over into “Flowers.” “Charity” and “Shelf” push the record along with approximately four collective minutes of pure circle-pit fuel. It’s songs like these that remind me of how much I miss going to energetic local gigs. When shows return to some semblance of normalcy, my fingers will be crossed that GILT decides to roll through New Jersey.

Numbers” is a noisy mid-tempo track that features an exhilarating guest performance from the Tallahassee-based band Night Witch. “Children of Animals” picks the energy back up while showcasing the band’s influences; the vocal performance on this track is an amalgamation of screams and spoken word, making for a very powerful and emotive listening experience. The album then winds down into a sultry, mid-tempo pace with tracks such as “Blue Ink Pen,” “You’re the Sun,” and the single “Sink and Tithe.” As the album winds into its closing, the energy picks back up with “What Color Is the Light When It’s Turned Off” and “Car Seat” which feature memorable lead guitar riffs and powerful shout-along lyrics.

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Sometimes, when you listen to an album and you reach the final track, you feel like you can hear exactly why the last track got the placement it did; “I Didn’t Want You as a Mirror” is one of those tracks. “I Didn’t Want You” is a magnum opus of emotional post-hardcore that leaves the listener hanging on soul-crushing yet memorable lyrics: “I scavenged most of my discernable traits off the corpse of someone who looked a lot like me / And I don’t think I’m as ashamed of that as I should be / ‘Cause I never paid too much attention to how it all panned out for him / He’s gone now, and I’ve gotta live with it.”

GILT has undoubtedly struck gold with their debut LP, and should be an essential part of any emotional post-hardcore fan’s playlists in 2020 and beyond. Ignore What’s Missing is currently available on all major streaming services, and you can further support the band by checking out the merch available on their website.

                                     Photo by Christian Denmark

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