By Kenny Bieber

May 24, 2020

Rock and roll stardom is a goal desired by many aspiring musicians. For rising local band Vendetta Rose they’ve found themselves on a significant upward trajectory in a short amount of time. Despite forming in 2018, the band has already endured a considerable amount of success. Having headlined and sold out shows at notable venues such as Asbury Lanes and The Stone Pony all while building a devoted fanbase in the process. I sat down recently via zoom with members guitarist Kyle Crowley and drummer Joey Prince to discuss what it truly takes to make a rock and roll band successful and the importance of believing in yourself.

Regardless of their young age and short tenure as a band, Vendetta Rose demonstrate a notable passion and ambition that’s invigorating to watch on and off stage. The band also prides itself on its strong sense of teamwork and communication. “We all come from differing backgrounds musically but despite that, it all naturally comes together,” drummer Joey Prince says of the band’s dynamic and high-energy sound. With influences ranging from classic acts such as Kiss and Metallica, Vendetta Rose are clearly invested in honoring the traditions of the genre while forging their own path. A big factor of Vendetta’s success is their theatrical and go-for-broke live performances “We just leave it all out there on stage and give it our all,” Kyle Crowley says of the band’s unique performing style. From the bright costumes, guitar riffs and audience interaction, Vendetta’s live show has helped solidify them a noteworthy fanbase.


Alternative/Modern Rock



Alec Demello

Kyle Crowley

Ryan Graci

Joey Prince

As a modern rock and roll band, Vendetta Rose knows the importance of constant engagement with their fans and their active social media following is a strong example of this. “We’re very active on social media and like to keep our fans updated of what we’re doing,” Kyle Crowley states and the band is certainly not lacking in activity. Currently the band is in writing mode and working on new material along with some exciting new collaborators. Their latest single “Evil Genuis” was produced by Parlor Mob member Paul Ritchie and the band teases a dynamic new sound for their upcoming music. While the band has their sights set toward the future, their past achievements are quite significant as well.

When asked about their proudest achievements thus far, the band isn’t short on answers. “For me, selling out the Lanes was a really cool moment, to have an audience there for us was really exciting,” Kyle Crowley recalls of the band’s packed release show for their previous EP Tilted Directions. For drummer Joey Prince it was headlining a familiar local venue. “For me, it was headlining The Stone Pony; it was always a dream of mine when I was a kid to play there.” When asked how they were able to achieve said goals, the members of Vendetta Rose credit their collaborative nature and emphasis on teamwork. “We all have strong chemistry and get along really well with one another but we’re also not afraid to be honest with one another,” Prince says of the band’s dynamic.

Despite the current challenges facing the music world post COVID-19, Vendetta Rose is still determined to continue creating and growing. More importantly, regardless of the current state of affairs, the band shows no signs of dimming their resolve. “We all believe in ourselves and really do think we have a shot at this,” Kyle Crowley expresses of the group’s goal to make music an eventual career. “Believing in yourself is key; we feel our hard work and determination will get us there,” Joey Prince states of the band’s motivation to succeed. Through it all, Vendetta Rose are passionate about the art of creating music and it’s this mentality that’s driven them forward.

In terms of future plans, the band is set to release new music sometime in the future and have goals such as touring nationally; but regardless Vendetta Rose are dedicated to keeping their passion alive. “Being in this band has shown us we can take on anything life throws at us,” Joey Prince says on what his Vendetta Rose experience taught him.

Right now it’s safe to say many musicians are questioning the fate of where the industry is headed more so than ever before. However, if there’s one thing that will get us through is resolve and Vendetta Rose thankfully has plenty of that. In times such as these I can’t think of anything more rock and roll than that.



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