A Delightful Conversation with

Greg The Poet

" Scene & Herd "

By Doug Dresher

April 25, 2020

Greg Schwartz, also known as "Greg the Poet" has been an Asbury Park fixture for decades. He comes from a background straight from the 1960s and believes in the power of love, words, and kindness. We had a chance to chat with him about music, poetry, and the history of Asbury Park. We hope you enjoy this discussion with a real icon of the Jersey shore.

A Silent Visit

Mantra; protector deities

thine inner-mind turns intwined upon an intuitive resolve.

Ancient tranquility unfolds a definitive aspect of inner light.

Cerulean heart ship sails in silent simplicity

On a sentient river where future action transcends the never ending endeavor.

Simple drizzle struggles to remain a non violent rain.

Vesper lotus blossom

Welcome the flowers that close at night.

Instinctive insight, humanities divinity.

universal sanctuary, body reflection.

First frost of autumn ready the grave blanket for a visit.

First snowfall of winter we carve a mandala in the snow.

-Greg Schwartz

Hangin' out with Greg!

Some Photos Courtesy of Rose A Montana

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