Review by Nick Manduley

September 8, 2020

South of Eden

Columbus, Ohio rock quartet South of Eden released their debut EP, The Talk, on August 21st via Republic Records. The Talk is an homage to the high octane rock and roll that defined the late twentieth century. Having made a name for themselves performing alongside acclaimed acts like the Foo Fighters and System of a Down, South of Eden is ready to bring their own brand of heat into the (musical?) kitchen.

Clocking in at roughly seventeen minutes, The Talk offers a four course (i.e. song) meal complete with face-melting guitar solos, attention-grabbing riffs, and powerful vocals. The release kicks off with an energetic title track that will transport the listener at least thirty years back in time. The second track “Solo” would no doubt satiate Christopher Walken’s request for “more cowbell” (man, I hope people get that reference) and, of course, features some quality shredding courtesy of lead guitarist Justin Young.

Morning Brew” offers a refreshing change in pace with a slow jam that has a notable blues flavor to it; with the ending culminating in a cacophony of lively vocals and excellent soloing, “Morning Brew” is definitely a track you don’t want to skip.

The final track “Dancing with Fire” immediately hooks the listener in with a head-turning guitar riff and an aggressive rhythm section. It’s clear that “Dancing with Fire” is meant to end The Talk with a bang; between the head-spinning drum fills courtesy of drummer Tom McCullough, aggressive lead guitar, and catchy vocals, it’s safe to say that “Dancing with Fire” concludes the EP in a neat, tidy fashion.


Vocalist Ehab Omran delivers a wildly impressive vocal performance, as he hits astronomical high notes and lays on a mean rock-and-roll grit throughout the release. Bassist Nick Frantianne lays down a masterful performance, keeping ears on the rhythm section with satisfying bass fills; with McCullough, they form a fierce rhythm section that is something to behold. Young’s performance on lead guitar indicates a true passion for the artists who helped define rock and roll, and that passion shines through on The Talk.

The Talk is currently available on all major streaming services.

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