The Clarity of Jackie June

Interview with Doug Dresher

October 25, 2020

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Singer/Songwriter Jackie June has found the courage to speak her truth. And her truth is that she's happiest when singing. After years of self-doubt, Jackie confronted a difficult situation and was forced to re-evaluate her life. What she found was a clarity that illuminated her desire to be a musician.

Listening to Jackie's music makes you feel like you're dancing through a storybook. Her exquisite lyrics piece together stories that sound as if they're being shared by a close friend. On top of the delicate melodies rests Jackie's angelic voice - made up of equal parts passion and whimsy.

Photo: Chris Fulcher

Listen to our full podcast with Jackie where she discusses her songwriting process, confronting the inner demons, and embracing the musical artist she was destined to become.

Listen to Podcast Episode 38 with Jackie June!

Jackie's Music

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Photo: Chris Fulcher

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