Interview and Photos by Doug Dresher

September 15, 2020

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Pop-Punk, Punk-Pop, Pop-Rock – call it what you want. Well Wisher is good enough to pick whatever genre they’d like. Natalie Newbold and her band Well Wisher are really good. Really, really good.

Melodic hooks abound, along with disarmingly intimate lyrics, this band will bring you along their journey and let you enjoy the ride. At the end, you will want to hop back on, and the band will probably let you ride a second time for free.

With Natalie Newbold – Guitar, Vocals, Lucas Dalakian – Guitar, Lynsey Vandenberg – Bass, and Matt Viani – Drums, their newly released single, “Halfway Heart,” builds upon the sound and success of their first full album, “This is Fine.”

The band is easily found on YouTube and Facebook, and can be found hosting a live Facebook music event. Please don’t miss out on hearing how much Natalie enjoys being carded, and how cool it was playing South by Southwest.

This is a band to watch!!


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