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February 18, 2021

In this latest episode of the Asbury Park Vibes Podcast, we have an entertaining discussion with our new friend Andy B and get to hear all about his truly inspiring project...Andy B & the World. With years spent playing with UK bands such as Fandangle, New Riot and Upbeat Allstars, Andy has built an impressive network of musical colleagues. He had been working up an idea for a collaborative project, but it was one night in Melbourne, Australia that really ignited the fire.

Caught off guard by the effect spending a night with Melbourne’s homeless community had on him, the vision for this collaborative project grew exponentially and sent Andy off on a worldwide adventure. In working with 172 other musicians and friends from around the globe Andy B has created what is likely to be the greatest ska-punk-folk album that you’re ever going to hear. With all the proceeds of Andy B & The World going to some terrific charities, the Asbury Park Vibes Podcast is honored to help spread the word and introduce our listeners to a great cause, a great guy, and some great music.

Episode 49 with Andy B!

In this episode of the podcast, we learn all about the trials and tribulations that went into creating Andy B & The World. We learn what “admin-core” is all about and we hear a little bit about what Andy has plans for next. Judging by what he has accomplished so far…it should be truly impressive.

Make sure to check out Andy B & The World on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

Listen to The First One!

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Matty K is an avid rock & roll fan. The sounds, the imagery, the folklore...there’s a passion for it all. Lifelong Jersey local and a self-proclaimed “basement musician,” he finds himself spending a lot of time explaining why he’s not a music snob. “Hmm...maybe I am.”


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