Readymade Blakeup

An Album Definitely Worth the Wait!

Interview with Diane DiMemmo

January 20, 2021

Four partially-recorded songs sitting underneath a bed for seventeen years. Most of us would've either forgotten about it or just tossed it up to an unfinished project from our past. But to GE (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Paul Rosevear (Lead Vocals, Guitar)  - former members of The Blakes and Readymade Breakup/current members of The Vice Rags - it was unfinished business that needed completion. The pair have been creating music together since high school through three successful bands, but the sudden disbanding of The Blakes in 2003 after only one album (New Tatoo), left them a bit heartbroken and “scarred.”

“The Blakes started with me and my buddy Pete, but unfortunately along the way, we parted company,” said GE. “That was always a wrong that I wanted to try to right. I wanted a different kind of closure. I also wanted to make music with Pete again. So, this was a great opportunity for us to go back to the Blakes without actually being in the Blakes again.”

That opportunity was the finishing of those precious songs (partially recorded by The Blakes pre-breakup) that he had tucked under his bed all those years. And the result was the EP Readymade Blakeup, released in November of 2020 and recorded with the members from both of their former bands –The Blakes and Readymade Breakup. (See liner notes below.)

Listen to Podcast Episode #46 with GE & Paul!

Readymade Blakeup is an EP that HAD to be made and was most definitely worth the wait. Listening to these songs makes you feel like you’ve dipped yourself in magic waters to be transported back to a time when rock and roll was beautiful. Tunes masterfully crafted with melodies and choruses that fit perfectly together; lush, layered harmonies that produce goosebumps and emotion; and lyrics that deal with heavy topics yet fill you with a sense of optimism because of the upbeat nature of the music.

The guys call it “unapologetic, over-the-top, power pop rock.” I call it magic. It’s one of those situations where,  as a journalist, I try to put into words how I feel when listening to their music, but just can’t. You have to listen to it for yourself to see what I mean. It’s the same feeling I have when I listen to The Beatles (my favorite band of all time). I listen to their songs over and over and  always wish there was more because of how it makes me feel.

This is the same.

When asked what it was like for The Blakes to be together again, GE stated, “It was awesome getting to hang out with those guys again and laugh and reminisce and make music. And they played so well. Everyone brought such a great presence and contribution to the music. It exceeded my expectations. You know, I was just happy to get it done and then it came out better than I could have imagined.” He continued, “I still just enjoy being in the studio and recording and, you know, I love Paul's music, his voice, and his writing as much as I did from the very first day.”

Paul added, “I'm just so glad that GE pushed it over the finish line, because now I am so happy that we have it. And I'm so glad that it's just another chapter in the story. Everything from the sound, to the songs, to the art, our story, and everything. Just so grateful for it. So, you definitely have to push yourself, or find people who will push you, and just do everything you can to get these kind of projects over the finish line, because it feels really good. Whatever semblance of a career we've managed to have, we owe in a large part to the tenacity of GE. He doesn't give up and he happens to be very charming, so he gets away with it and he’s pulled it off once again.”

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I dare to say GE and Paul have had more than a semblance of a career with musical contributions that were always progressive and new. Once The Blakes broke up, the two knew they wanted to keep making music together. They formed Readymade Breakup and produced three “more edgy” albums over a nine-year stint: Alive On The Vine, Isn’t That What It’s For?, and Readymade Breakup. They explained that their creative process varied for each project.

“It’s pretty much been different album to album,” explained GE. “All band members would write, but when Paul wrote, he could REALLY write. Alive On the Vine had a singer-songwriter feel and was recorded in studio. Isn’t That What It’s For? had more of a bluesy-rock feel and was recorded at home. Then we went all the way full circle and did a power pop record with Readymade Breakup, and we got our buddy from the Blakes to come in and record it. Then, with Hope The Neighbors Are Lookin' with The Vice Rags, that was more of a garage-rocky kind of feel, and we attacked it that way.”

After all of the years they’ve spent writing music together, Paul & GE seem to still have a working relationship that’s chock-full of mutual respect, friendship,  humor, and creative collaboration. They indicated that there's a new excitement between the guys with The Vice Rags where all band members input equally to the creation the songs through jamming. Paul explained,  “There's more of a loose kind of feel with the Vice Rags which I just find really exciting, because it's different every time, you know? And it makes for great live shows.”

When asked if they see themselves performing live again, Paul didn’t hesitate in saying, “Definitely.”

GE quietly snuck in, “ Well, I wouldn’t say definitely …" and they both laughed.

“This is where I have to drag him,” chuckled Paul. “Where he drags me into the studio, I have to drag him on stage.”

"We have a yin-yang kind of relationship, for sure,” added GE.

And when pressed on if the Vice Rags will record again in the future, Paul wholeheartedly stated, “Oh yeah. We're definitely not done.”


Readymade Blakeup is currently available on Bandcamp where you can name your price when digitally downloading this gem! 

To hear our entire conversation filled with stories about Paul & GE's childhood, their influences and future goals, (along with a guest appearance by my puppy - Cooper) ... click to the APV Podcast


NEW TATOO by The Blakes

READYMADE BLAKEUP by The Blakes & Readymade Breakup

Readymade Blakeup Liner Notes

Released November 3, 2020

Paul Rosevear: Vocals, Guitar and Keys

Gay Elvis: Bass and Backup Vocals

Chris Thumann: Drums

Pete Degeorge: Guitar on "My Universe" and "Trouble in Opening Up"

Danny Monchek: Lead Guitar on "My Universe" and "Trouble in Opening Up"

Jim Fitzgerald: Guitar on "Trespassing" and "Jealous of The Sun"

Matty J: Keys on "Trespassing" and "Jealous of The Sun," Slide and Back up Vox on "Jealous"

In 2003 at Clearcut Studio -Mike Carroll recorded: All Drums, All of Paul's Electric Guitar, GE's Bass on Trouble and Trespassing, Paul's Lead Vox for Trouble and Trespassing.

Between 2019 and 2020 at New Future Studio - Paul Ritchie and Ray Beck recorded: All of the other stuff.

Mixed in 2020 by Steve Evetts

Mastered in 2020 by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Art direction and design by Mike Joyce at Stereotype Design

Readymade Breakup - "Bravest Smile" [2010]

The Vice Rags - "Jersey Boy" [2018]

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