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February 19, 2021

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Just when you thought glam rock had taken a back seat to other genres (or has actually “died” as iconic KISS frontman Gene Simmons said), you find a heart-pounding, JAM-tastic, GLAM-orous band like The Midnight Devils. Hailing from frosty Lincoln, NE and Chicago, IL ... Sam Spade (vocals, guitar), Chris ‘Sniper’ Hineline (guitar) and Jimmy Mess (drums) regularly heat up the National rock circuit complete with 80’s teased hair, makeup, monstrous music, and all the fun stage drama that goes along with it. Similar (only in stage presence) to iconic bands like KISS and Steel Panther, this powerhouse trio believes that a rock and roll performance should consist of more than just incredible music.

“We wanted to blow this thing out of the water because nobody else was doing it," said Spade during our recent interview. “Few musicians have the balls to wear lipstick and tutus and makeup to bring a real show … and it works!” He continued, “There are two sides of being in a band. Writing the good songs – the catchy songs - that people really like. And then there’s putting on a show. We grew up listening to KISS and Van Halen and the all the superstars who wrote the blueprint of how to be great rock band. So, we took that and said to ourselves ... ‘OK, how can we make this our own?’ You know, push it to the limits.”

"Pink Halo"

The infectious frontman spoke with excitement and vision during our conversation which I, truthfully, didn’t want to end because of his positive, “all-in” disposition. Spade has all the characteristics of a musician hell-bent on being successful and willing to do the work it takes to reach the top. "We have short-term goals and long-term goals," he explained. "The short-terms are land this tour, land this opening spot, write these songs for this record. Then your long-term goals are ‘How long can we consistently keep The Midnight Devils on the road? How many albums can we put out? How far can we take this thing?’”

Although The Midnight Devils have been a band for just a few years, they landed a substantial US tour with UK rockers’ The Quireboys in 2020. As a huge fan of The Quireboys, Spade seized the opportunity when the tour was announced. “I saw they were touring the states and said to myself, ‘Oh, we HAVE to be on this tour.’ So, I called their manager in England, he loved our stuff, and said that we were going to be the openers!”

That tour was running full steam ahead when the pandemic stopped them dead in their tracks. But they did get halfway through their shows, winning over quite the dedicated following. Spade spoke about his love of performing with his “insanely talented” bandmates and how being on stage with them is the most natural thing in the world. “The energy that we create on stage, it's just what comes out of us because we love the music so much, we love being out there. I don't feel like I'm going through a routine, or anything like that. That's generally how I feel; the music just makes me move like that. Even if we don't know people in the audience, we're gonna win them over, and we're going to be best friends by the end of the show.”

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The Midnight Devils have been promoting their full-length album Something Bigger which is filled with loud screaming guitar solos, freight-train driven percussion, and vocals that are big, powerful and exactly what those who love rock and roll want on an album and in a show. “We put out our own record, we put out our own music video, everything is kind of DIY independent,” stated Spade, who wrote the script and planned every scene of their video "Pink Halo" before it was filmed. He laughed as he remembered how he had to explain to his mother that the song and video were NOT advocating drug use. “That’s not something that’s normal in our circle. The video was very tongue-in-cheek.” 

As we continued our conversation, Spade spoke of looking forward to flexing his creative muscles again by making more videos, albums, and continuing to tour. He definitely seems to have the energy and determination to make the band’s dreams come true. “I really think that we're not like any other band out there, especially new bands, and that the sky's the limit. We can take it as far as we want to, we just gotta be at the right place, at right time. With a little bit of luck. And we'll keep working hard. I think that’s what rock is in its purest form. It's about giving people that show. That’s the mystery, the mystique of rock and roll.”


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Diane DiMemmo stumbled into and fell in love with Asbury Park and photography a few short years ago. An avid concert fanatic and former musician, she recognized the need for a Jersey Shore music publication to highlight the accomplishments of local and national musicians through photos and press. Asbury Park Vibes has been her labor of love ever since, along with her Golden Retriever – Cooper – who you’ll often see walking Diane through the streets of Asbury.

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