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February 26, 2022

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Jeff Schroeck and Jay Nixon Zoomed in to Asbury Park Vibes to talk about their new band - The Sad Tomorrows. If you know anything about these two musicians, you'd know that between the two of them they have been in many influential bands.

Here is a list of the bands or people they are associated with -

The Sad Tomorrows 

The Ergs!

Mike Hunchback

School Drugs

Mikey Erg

Night Birds

Don Giovanni Records

And (I think) they mention a few more during the podcast!

The Sad Tomorrows are  Jay, Jeff, Brian, and Mike.

They talk about the many friends and friends' bands that like or have been in, they also talk about what's new and what they are working on and working toward. Oh - and Jeff gushes about his daughter!

Listen to Podcast #97 with The Sad Tomorrows

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