By Gregory "The Poet" Schwartz

August 14, 2022

Roger Waters “This Is Not A Drill”

Wells Fargo Center. Fri. Aug 5. 2022.

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Two, one hour sets. Twenty min set break. Show precisely begins at eight thirty.

A script comes across the screens “if you’re offended by Roger's Politics please F-Off and head to the bar”

An announcement comes through the PA “The Show Will Begin in Ten Minutes”

Then five minutes until show time.

Connecting the audience with a communal countdown

The capacity filled building is as one with each moment.

Melding into the anticipation as the space between

Carries over into how infinite a second of time can seem.

The distance is closing, the beginning has never seemed closer.

Comfortably Numb; hauntingly slow remix begins.

Lightning slashes a sallow blue sky.

Background sounds of missiles being launched

The arena shakes within the sound of explosions.

The witness is taken in a floating movement above bombed out futuristic high-rise apartments, reflective of present-day Ukraine.

The screens rise, revealing the open stage.

The band segues from “The Happiest Days Of Our Lives” into

“Another Brick in the Wall” part 2>part 3.

The Conversation has begun.

Open in the round.

The crucifix shaped performance platform are four separate stages.

There are corners, singular divisions, walls and no walls.

Each cut off from one another, Tho completely interactive with each other.

All in attendance are witnessing the same inter-dimensional forum. Each section designed to intentionally personalize the engagement between performer and audience, between musician and listener, between the artist and the art.

The Powers That Be> The Bravery of Being Out of Range.

The Bar

Is Roger sitting at the piano, who’s the catalyst of the provocateur?

This is where the exchange of ideas happens.

This is where the familiarity throughout humanity is exposed.

This is where the development of free thought is liberated.

This is where the dichotomy of nature is divided between the Titan and the Peacemaker.

This is why lists of atrocities and war criminals are mirrored in halls of history.

Text book judgements, discretionary justice, lobbyist passing cash, Sheep parade opinions, propaganda, victims of police violence, Dystopian Oligarchs’ Posse Comitatus.

The initial conditioning that forms ones view point. Survival, procreations that replicate thy self.

23 songs

5 Solo. 5 from Dark Side of the Moon (complete second side of LP)

3 from Wish You Where Here. 1 from Animals. 7 from The Wall.

1 from The Final Cut.

Back at the Bar.

Roger acknowledges the inspiration of Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan)

For introducing him to side four of Blond on Blond.

That he can also create a twenty minute long song.

Does Roger’s politics help you do the right thing?

Is Roger Waters any more political than “The Chicks” John Lennon, NWA?

Does it instigate your activism as a global brother or universal sister. Are you thinking for self?

It’s an open forum, a set list for the listener, the ticket prices are accessible.

Roger Waters is a musically psychedelic innovator, a theatrical mastermind.

Outside the Wall.

“Don’t follow leaders watch the parking meters”

Gregory the poet Schwartz

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