By Diane DiMemmo

November 1, 2019


On October 30th at The House of Independents in Asbury Park, four bands took the stage and showed the sold-out crowd what the future of rock and roll looks and sounds like. Bad-ass headliner BADFLOWER – along with The Weathers, Deal Casino, Dead Poet Society, and special guest Chloe Chaidez of Kitten  - played four full hours of transcendent rock, yet it felt like only one. The synergy between crowd and performers that night was especially harmonious as both fans and bands alike expressed (many times over) what a fun time they were having.


Rock music has been loosely defined as a broad genre of popular/catchy music which draws influence from rhythm & blues, folk, jazz, and country; and is characterized by meaningful lyrics set to electric guitars, keyboards, and drums. And over the years, many musicians have created slight variations of that formula to build successful careers. But what made this particular lineup so special was that all four bands seem to have a lock on their own unique, progressive rock sounds; unlike any music that’s ever been heard before.


Badflower, The Weathers, Deal Casino, and Dead Poet Society all showed qualities that bands need to set themselves apart from the masses. First and foremost, of course, is outstanding musical chops which they all had in spades. The bands also embrace experimentation with sound and lyric, so that their music often takes listeners in unexpected directions, which keeps engagement high. Their energy is infectious, entertaining, and exhilarating. No topic is off limits and the honest, in-your-face lyrics are just what fans want in today’s music. And then there's that one quality that you either have or you don’t … and that’s the ability to relate to your fans. Each of these bands conversed, joked, involved, and embraced the crowd in such a way that it felt as if we were at a personal concert in their living rooms, instead of at a concert venue. One especially sweet moment was seeing Asbury Park’s own Nick Marrotta (from Vendetta Rose) invited up on stage to play “Animal” with Badflower!


I could go on and on about what I specifically loved about each band’s brand of music, but I definitely think it’s better for music lovers to listen and enjoy for themselves. Check out the videos and pictures below, and leave some comments about what YOU like best about their music! Badflower, The Weathers, Deal Casino, and Dead Poet Society are most definitely the future of rock and roll!!

"Ghost" by BADFLOWER

"Lonely Vampire" by THE WEATHERS


"American Blood" by DEAD POET SOCIETY

Photos from that night ...



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