Why Vendetta Rose and The Flukes are worthy of your attention.

By Diane DiMemmo

January 9, 2020

The very last concert I attended in 2019 was one that featured two of my absolute favorite local bands. Vendetta Rose and The Flukes performed a “Winter Break Party” show on December 29th at The Stone Pony to a large crowd of new and old fans. It was the perfect way to wrap up my year, as Asbury Park Vibes started as a legitimate publication in February 2019, just one month before our first official media outlet review. What was our first review, you ask? You guessed it … it was of Vendetta Rose and The Flukes at Vendetta Rose’s Album Release Party at Asbury Lanes in March! 

Since that initial introduction to their music, I’ve become a huge fan of each and every musician in both groups. As a former musician myself, I’m pretty tuned in to musicianship, technique, style, and talent. And as a marketer, I pay attention and try to identify exactly what components of a brand (in this case, we’re talking about bands) will lead to success. In my opinion, these young bands have all the ingredients necessary to achieve successful music careers: ability, work ethic,  charisma, determination, and an end goal in mind. And although there are never any guarantees in life (especially in this industry), these musicians are most definitely on the right path, which is why Vendetta Rose and The Flukes are two bands you should definitely keep on your radar in 2020.

Vendetta Rose

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. When you see Vendetta Rose perform, it’s like seeing a group of seasoned pros. Alec Demello (Vocals), Nick Marrotta (Guitar), Ryan Graci (Guitar), Kyle Crowley (Bass), and Joey Prince (Percussion) have talent, attitude, determination, and a vision well beyond their years. Their original music consists of the singles “Over and Under” and “Cupid’s Arrow,” as well as their EP Tilted Directions which includes: “Human Glass,” “Blend,” and “Silent Letter” (my personal favorite!) Their lyrics are personal and poetic with a message; and performed intensely or delicately … depending on the song’s intent. Alec’s vocals are truly unique. His voice has a smooth, silvery quality that can be soothing and comforting when he performs “Blend” or dominating and potent as when he sings songs like “Silent Letter.” He’s a tough front man to photograph as he’s all over the stage during a performance (spinning, jumping, and dancing), but it’s a quality that keeps their shows engaging, fun, and interactive. And it keeps their fans tuned in and captivated. Vendetta Rose already has a growing presence online and are actively supported by their fan club.

I can’t say enough about the powerhouse guitar trio of Nick, Ryan, and Kyle. Often, bands have one super-talented guitar player that outshines the others. But Vendetta Rose contains three outstanding musicians in this role and instead of competing with each other, they blend their styles to create intensity, power, and an authentic rock-and-roll sound. Their show frequently features a bass solo played by Kyle to highlight his sick skills which is always a show-stopper. And Nick and Ryan take turns wowing audiences with their progressively challenging guitar solos ...  song after song. I've covered Vendetta Rose more than any other band this past year, and I never tire of hearing the guys slay their runs and solos.

Joey – the newest addition to the band – has already cemented his status as a percussive dynamo. He, also, plays with an intensity that seems driven by his passion for the instrument and his desire to be successful. His facial expressions while drumming seem to reveal how much he loves what he’s doing; and his technique and proficiency are outstanding. The band frequently features Joey during their sets by giving him time to fly solo and show off his incredible skills. It's a segment of the show that garners much applause and admiration from the crowd.

Vendetta Rose promises new music soon, as shown in a recent Instagram post. They revealed a short clip of their  new single, “Medusa,” that's in the works, much to their fans' delight! It's always exciting to watch the growth and development of a band with new music, but it's especially satisfying to see it in younger bands who possess so much talent so early in their careers.

No matter what the future holds for these musicians, each of them is blessed with significant talent that can enhance the rock music landscape and propel them to fruitful music careers, whether it be as individuals or as a group. Make sure to follow their journey, as it promises to be quite exciting!!

"Over and Under"

The Flukes

Personality, personality, personality. Did I say personality?? I just love listening to and watching The Flukes play. In my book, they win (hands-down) for the local band with the most unique sound and killer stage presence. Kyle Missry (Lead Vocals) along with brothers Anthony Trilli (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Joe Trilli (Drums), and Mike Trilli (Bass) have this funky, syncopated, rock-punk beat that is as pleasing a sound as it is an experience. To get a sense of the humor and talent that is The Flukes, watch this video below of their single “Edge Of Town.” It’s probably one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time and my guess is you’ll wind up watching it from start to finish like I do each time.

Kyle is also a tough front man to photograph as he’s usually airborne (or jumping and spinning) on stage while delivering his potent vocals. He has this unparalleled energy that drives the band’s performance and is so entertaining. He also gives a commanding performance of a vocal style that is pretty hard to pull off.

Mike and Anthony have this yin-yang connection where their guitar lines are so complementary that they seem like one instrument. Their technical proficiency is incredibly impressive ... and progressive. And laying the foundation with killer percussion at an insanely fast pace is Joe who always demonstrates superior proficiency and artistry.

Take the time to download tunes by The Flukes including their two EP’s: From the Depths, Pt 1: Deep and From the Depths, Pt 2: Shallow. You will definitely be glad you did! 

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