By Gary W. Miller

November 20, 2019

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Asbury Park Vibes had the privilege on Saturday, November 16th to witness, as some would say, an “incredible rockin’ night” with none other than GET THE LED OUT. I must admit, I’ve never seen this Philadelphia-based band before but they’ve been on my bucket list ever since I checked out some of their online stuff. And despite having a temperature of over 100, I knew I just had to grab the opportunity to get out in front in order to experience the music of, what unarguably is one of the best bands EVER, the mighty Led Zeppelin!! Now, I know what you may be thinking, “they’re not Led Zeppelin dummy!” But in my mind, anyone who calls themselves “Get the Led Out” and who travels around the country, must have some sort of tune when it comes to the great ones, right? Well, my mind was about to be blown!!

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I can’t go on without addressing the elephant in the room here either. I don’t care what you want to call this band, whether it's a tribute band or a cover band. I’m just saying you’re going to have to trust me in what I tell you about this band!! The masters would, if not already, be proud!

The curtain rose shortly after 8pm to a stage filled with smoke, and all six members stood at the ready, that is until they broke into “Good Times Bad Times.” I have to admit, I forgot all about having a camera or two in hand. I was in awe of what I was witnessing. The crowd behind me was roaring in my ears as I soon moved to the side of the stage in order to gather myself and come up with a plan as to what it was I wanted to capture.

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The members? Oh yeah, what kind of writer am I? They are as follows: Paul Sinclair (vocals), Paul Hammond (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Marchiano (guitar), Adam Ferraioli (drums), Eddie Kurek (keyboards, guitar) and Phil D’Agostino (bass). On occasion, Diana Desantis enters as special guest on “The Battle of Evermore.” With the exception of Adam, for obvious reasons and who would absolutely kill this house with an unbelievable solo during the second set, they all maneuvered the stage like pros engaging with the crowd and showing off each individual talents! Impressive to say the least! Paul was most engaging, stopping after each couple of songs to engage and tell their story. He let it be known that they “weren’t Led Zeppelin” but instead “a group of guys who grew up listening to some of the best Rock-n-Roll of all time and were honored in having to opportunity to share it.” I thought that was a humbling moment but to be honest, I don’t think the crowd gave a damn!!

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The crowd? Well, it didn’t take long for them to start to show up. They were right there from the get-go, or at least as soon as the joint pain meds kicked in! They were terrific. I took a moment during the second set to stand stage left to watch and take it all in. I noticed all ages, from mine (20 something-yeah right) to people in their 70’s. It was spectacular and as I often do, I started to reflect and wonder about the path that these people have been on and how and why this music must have touched them. Kids in college, mortgage payments, or upcoming retirement accounts weren’t thought about on this night. There were girls night out, groupies, and "you can’t have a show like this without the air guitar" drum-slamming dude with his buddies!! I wondered where they heard these original songs for the first time. Was it on the radio? Was it in the back seat of a car with their boyfriend? At work? At college? First concert perhaps? I soon realized that my questions didn’t matter. What matters is for whatever reason, this band and their music brought these people together to remember a time in their lives that was unforgettable!

You’d be foolish if you don’t take the opportunity “To Get the Led Out” and check out their site for upcoming shows!! It's over 2 hours of the best of the Zeppelin catalog and - by the way - the setlist changes every show!! Enjoy and rock on!!

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Setlist 1

 Good Times Bad Times/Southbound Saurez/Lemon Song/Sick Again/No Quarter/Bab I'm Gonna Leave You/Ramble On/Nobody's Fault But Mine/Going To California/Tangerine/The Rain Song

Setlist 2

 In The Light/Moby Dick/Thank You/Dancing Days/Bring It On Home/Kashmir/When The Levee Breaks/Stairway To Heaven/Whole Lotta Love


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