By Diane DiMemmo

September 18, 2019

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The Stone Pony Summer Summer Stage closed out its 2019 concert season by saving their absolute best show for last on September 15th. That’s the night co-headliners Stone Temple Pilots and Rival Sons (along with openers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown) gave  rock and roll performances of a lifetime. Adoring fans packed the venue with a level of excitement that was both visible and palpable. The photo pit was also packed and many well-known musicians were in the audience ... a testament to the fact that this is a special, must-see tour. There are only ten more shows consisting of this specific lineup (see dates below), so read on for the reasons why you should do everything you can to catch it.

September 19 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Met Philadelphia

September 22 – New York, NY @ Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk

September 25 – Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom

September 27 – Detroit, MI @ Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill (Rival Sons only)

September 29 – New Orleans, LA @ The Fillmore New Orleans

October 1 – Houston, TX @ Revention Music Center

October 3 – Irving, TX @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory

October 6 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

October 8 – Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre

October 9 – San Diego, CA @ Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU


"Loud, proud, authentic rock n' roll"

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Although I’m a huge fan of STP and Rival Sons, when I heard that Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown was opening … this show became even more imperative for me to attend. I covered Tyler and his amazing band when they opened a while back for Black Stone Cherry and it was one of those experiences where you immediately fall in love with a brand of music. I rushed home from that first show and literally downloaded all of their tunes. (Never did that before!) This group of musicians is not only super talented, but they possess every ingredient necessary to distinguish themselves from the masses and make an indelible mark on the rock genre.

Formed in 2009, the Nashville, TN group is comprised of Tyler Bryant (Vocals, Guitar), Caleb Crosby (Percussion), Graham Whitford (Guitar), and Noah Denney (Bass). What instantly strikes you is how tight and technically proficient they all are. Each band member’s mastery of their instrument drives every song, and damn  … are they skilled! The fast-paced, highly-challenging guitar runs are the foundation of their tunes, backed by kick-ass drumming and great vocal harmonies. TBSD’s sound is pure, unfiltered with a gorgeous Nashville twang that sets it apart. As a matter of fact, the band's first full-length album - Wild Child - featured all-analog recordings showing their dedication to genuine, authentic rock and roll.

The guys always hit the stage “loud and proud” (to quote their description of themselves) and engage the audience to participate like seasoned pros. I always talk with fans before shows to ask them who they most want to see that night and why. Several were unaware who TBSD was so I watched the crowd throughout their set to see how they would react. The crowd immediately went from “I didn’t know there was an opener tonight” to “I absolutely LOVE this band and HAVE to buy their music!” It was a cool transformation to watch, but I wasn’t surprised. When you witness the “real deal,” you can’t help but be affected by it!

TBSD has won many fans over already throughout their relentless touring schedule of the rock and blues club circuit as well as opening for the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, BB King, Eric Clapton, Beck, Guns N’ Roses, and Black Stone Cherry. In November, they will kick off a Fall tour with Airbourne. In addition to their Wild Child (2013) and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (2017) albums, make sure to download TBSD’s most recent creation, Truth And Lies.  It's available right now and is an essential listen for every true rock fan. Check out the cool video below of the band’s song “Without You” (from Truth And Lies) performed at Stone Pony Summer Stage that night.

Video Courtesy of  Daniel O'Shea


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"Hard, bluesy rock you can sink your teeth into"

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The Long Beach, CA band Rival Sons took the Summer Stage hostage next and gave fans exactly what they were hoping for … hard rock and roll that hits you in the gut and doesn’t let you up for air until the very last note. Having never seen this band live before, I loved asking the fans what they thought of Rival Sons. Many came to primarily see them perform that night and I spoke to several fans who have traveled extensively to hear the band play throughout the United States. Whether this was your first or fiftieth show, every single audience member was spellbound by the hardcore music that ensued.

Formed in 2008, Rival Sons is Jay Buchanan (vocals), Scott Holiday (guitar), Michael Miley (drums), Dave Beste (bass), along with touring keyboardist Todd Ögren. Winning the Breakthrough Artist of The Year and Classic Rock Awards from Classic Rock Magazine in 2012, Rival Sons have created the following outstanding albums: Before The Fire (2009), Pressure & Time (2011), Head Down (2012), Great Western Valkyrie (2014), Hollow Bones (2016), and their most recent Feral Roots (2019). Feral Roots has exploded on to the scene with three breakout singles, including “Sugar On The Bone, ”Too Bad,” and “Do Your Worst.” The latter has hit No. 1 on the US and Canada Main Rock Charts. Check out the band’s performance of “Do Your Worst” at The Stone Pony that night.

Video Courtesy of Alex Neff

Rival Sons is known for their extensive touring and have shared the stage with legends like The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, Black Sabbath and AC/DC. They have built a monstrous and dedicated fanbase which seems fueled by the connection Buchanan makes with the audience while performing. At The Stone Pony, he exuded first-rate rockstar status, yet seemed reachable. His passionate, powerhouse vocals were other-worldly but then he shared tender vignettes and song histories as if he was having an intimate conversation with a friend. In the past Buchanan has said, “I’m working to reconcile my dirt-road DNA with our growing dependency on technology and the over-communication that comes with that.” That is the bridge – the connection – he makes during a live show.

I could listen to and watch Scott Holiday play all night long. The quintessential performer ... his chops are absolutely unparalleled. Holiday, Miley, Beste, and Ogren create a hard, bluesy, soulful rock sound that you can really sink your teeth into. Yet they also play tunes with sweet, tender melodies to back heart-felt lyrics as in “Time” and “Shooting Stars.” It’s a tough juxtaposition to pull off but they do so exquisitely and it is what produces Rival Sons’ trademark sound.

Make sure to listen to Rival Sons' extensive catalog of tunes and check out their ambitious touring schedule for the rest of 2019!!


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Stone Temple Pilots

"Always producing music that transcends"

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Stone Temple Pilots are arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time. They continually evolve and re-invent themselves, always pushing the envelope to create new music that transcends. There are no boundaries when STP creates. They literally defined the genre we now call “alternative rock” and have been named as the primary musical influence and inspiration of tens of thousands of bands.

The crowd at Stone Pony Summer Stage was unlike any I’ve ever seen before at a show. These fans love – I mean ADORE – the Stone Temple Pilots. There was an overall aura of happiness and excited anticipation throughout the night and prior to the band’s set. And once they took the stage, the atmosphere was electrifying! STP fans don’t only know the band’s “popular” songs. They know EVERY word to EVERY song and immerse themselves in the live performance as if it were a religious experience. Lifetime fan Pam DeStefano explained it perfectly when she said, “I’ve been seeing STP live since 1994 they are one of my all-time favorite bands. They are great musicians and amazing songwriters. Their live shows are always high energy and their catalog of music is packed with great songs; every one of them a hit. I leave every show happy and wanting more.”

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Since 1989, San Diego natives - Stone Temple Pilots- have created hit after hit including “Plush,” “Interstate Love Song,” “Down,” “Wicked Garden” and “Sex Type Thing,” to name just a few. Formally fronted by singers Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington (who have both tragically passed), the band currently consists of brothers Robert DeLeo (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Dean DeLeo (Guitar), along with Eric Kretz (Percussion) and singer Jeff Gutt. Gutt was recently named lead vocalist on November 14, 2017 after the iconic band spent a year and a half searching within the music industry and listening to countless auditions to fill the role.

Throughout their illustrious career, STP has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and are Grammy winners and nominees … several times over. They roared onto the scene in 1992 with their raucous debut, Core. The album successfully peaked #3 on the Billboard 200 chart, and dominated radio waves. Since then, they have put out an additional six albums including Purple (1994); Tiny Music … Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop (1996); No. 4 (1999); Shangri-La Dee Da (2001); Stone Temple Pilots (2010); and their most recent Stone Temple Pilots (2018). Exciting news is that the band has hinted that a new, “beautifully different” album is currently in the works. In a recent interview with Loudwire, Jeff Gutt said, "There's no rules on it [the new album] having to be acoustic or anything; it just has a vibe to it. It's very instrumental. … it's beautiful. It's actually finished, and it has all new songs."

THAT is what distinguishes STP from so many other bands. They are always innovating and creating new sounds that have never been heard before which lays the groundwork for music creation by others. After all the band’s successes, Dean DeLeo has recently said, "We are thrilled about what lies ahead. The best way for us to honor our past is to keep making new music."

STP sounded potent and strong at Stone Pony Summer Stage that night. Their setlist was an artful selection of songs that paid homage to their origins, celebrated their commercial successes, and highlighted their newer music. One of the absolute high points was when they played the very first song of their first album: “Dead & Bloated.” The crowd went wild when they heard the first chorus  and sang along word-for-word as if the song had been written just recently. The rendition was passionate, powerful, and some of the best rock music I’ve ever heard. 

Video Courtesy of AKF Live

Jeff Gutt has taken the STP frontman role and really made it his own. I saw him perform with STP when they toured with Bush last year and as great as he was then … he’s absolutely extraordinary now!! Jeff was made to sing with this band! He commandeers the stage with his compelling spot-on vocals and emotions; and connects with fans in such a way that it feels like he’s bringing you into his world as he performs. His vocals on every song were perfection.

Dean’s signature guitar licks are in a class all their own. Innovative, dynamic and unique ... his playing sets the bar high for how a genuine lead guitarist should play. His calm, cool, collected demeanor was in stark contrast to the white-hot solos that came screaming from his guitar all night.

And if you are a bass guitar … well … you want to be played by Robert DeLeo. He is the master of his craft and becomes all consumed by the music when playing. His outstanding vocals blended perfectly with Jeff’s and his bass line runs were so complex that they sounded like a lead instrument. The chemistry and groove between Dean and Robert made their playing seem effortless, yet it came off like a powerhouse.

All of this musicianship was driven and supported by the outstanding percussive techniques of Eric Kretz. He’s a total beast on the set and played harder and with more energy than almost any drummer I’ve ever seen.

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Iconic bands are identified by their overall contributions to the music industry, their longevity, and their desire to continue putting out new, dynamic music that transforms and improves their genre. They know no boundaries and because of that … are always evolving. Stone Temple Pilots are exactly that kind of band and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Stay tuned for announcements regarding new music and get ready for the October 18th release of a newly remastered version of Purple that’s expanded with rare and unreleased studio and live recordings.


Coma/Wicked Garden/Vasoline/Crackerman/Lounge Fly/Big Bang Baby/Glide/Big Empty/Plush/Meadow/Interstate Love Song/Roll Me Under/Dead & Bloated/Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart/Piece of Pie/Sex Type Thing


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