By Diane DiMemmo

March 30, 2019

Vendetta Rose

Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, New Jersey was the place to be on March 30th if you wanted to hear fresh, new rock music from younger bands with a lot of promise! That evening was the exact reason I love my job so much … hearing current bands at the beginning of their careers pumping out new sounds with grit, energy and unbridled enthusiasm. Let me take you inside the venue (in words and photos) to describe what a truly spectacular night it was!


"On the rise"

Dress Code

Dress Code

Asbury Lanes

The evening began with the Asbury Park band Dress Code, which is comprised of Lauren Gill (vocals), Ryan Graci (guitar), Daniel Pagano (guitar), Jake Marrotta (percussion), and Anthony Petraccoro (Bass).

The alternative rockers took the stage with confidence as Lauren instructed us to, “Put your damn hands in the air. This is rock and roll; and welcome to the show!” The crowd obliged and immediately got into it as the band began their set with an impressively strong and technically challenging drum solo by Jake. Lauren embraced her role as vocalist and dazzled the audience with her wide vocal range and silky tone. I loved the loud, heavy guitar chords and bass lines that gave the band a genuine alternative rock feel. The guitar solos were one of the highlights of the group’s sound, reminiscent of the classic guitar styles in rock music’s heyday.

Dress Code built their foundation in the Junior Pros program at the Lakehouse Music Academy. LHMA is a progressive music school right here is Asbury Park which holds group rehearsals, gives individual lessons, and provides live performance experiences for its bands at well-known music venues. The training has prepared this band well, as they played in a very seasoned manner for such young musicians.

Dress Code’s setlist was made up of original songs and covers, impressing the audience with their rendition of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Plush.” Their original songs were born of many personal experiences and it was apparent that the lyrics resonated with the young crowd.

Make plans to catch Dress Code at their future shows and I promise that you’ll be very glad that you did!


Problem/Dropout/Far from Home/Plush (Stone Temple Pilots cover)/I Don’t Care/Safe and Sound/ Ballad/Leaving

Follow Dress Code on Instagram @dress_code_band and check out videos of their live performances here


"Red-hot syncopation"

The Flukes

The Flukes

Asbury Lanes

Next up were The Flukes and I could tell we were going to have a blast before they even played one chord. (I mean how can you NOT have a great time with a band that writes songs like “Roast Beef and Gravy”?) Dressed in kilts and body paint from the waist up, this funky punk rock group exploded onto stage with jumping, dancing and unconventional guitar and bass rhythms that ramped up the crowd’s energy several notches.

Members of the Manasquan, NJ quartet include Kyle Missry (lead vocals), and brothers Anthony Trilli (lead guitar, vocals), Joe Trilli (percussion), and Mike Trilli (bass). Frontman Kyle jumped all over the stage while singing with a deep, rich voice that filled the venue and drilled through the complex artistry backing him up. Kyle seemed relaxed and in control in front of the exuberant audience and is a musician that really comes alive on stage. He has a very firm grasp on vocal syncopation and punched the band’s lyrics with power, precision, and a ton of energy.

There are very few bands out today that have a sound similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I have to say that The Flukes are definitely one of them. And much of the reason for that comparison comes from the brothers Trilli ... a force to be reckoned with. The chemistry between Anthony, Joe and Mike was visceral and effortless; something that can only come from growing up together as musicians. Hard core drumming techniques laid the foundation for jazzy layered guitar solos and hip-hop bass lines that absolutely require you to move to the beat.

Mike Trilli – the youngest of the group – is a musician to keep on your radar. He was masterful on bass, playing fast running lines and artful counterpoint rhythms. He also impressively used the bass slap technique showing us that his musicianship is far beyond his years. Click here to see a video of Mike’s chops submitted for the Flea Bass Riff Contest sponsored by Fender Guitars and bassist Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

As the guys worked through their setlist, their playing became stronger and stronger. Cool guitar-bass interludes linked parts of their set and their final song “From the Depths” was exceptional. The Flukes are just a really fun band! Make sure to put them on your “must-see” list this year!!


What a Ride/Roast Beef and Gravy/Sedated (Ramones cover)/Euphoria/Tiny Dancer (Elton John Cover)/Edge of Town/I Get Around (Beach Boys cover)/One Day/Found/From the Depths

Follow The Flukes on Instagram @flukesband and tune in to see some live performance videos here. Make sure to listen to their music on Spotify

Vendetta Rose

"Absolutely fearless"

Vendetta Rose

Vendetta Rose

Asbury Lanes

With the crowd primed and ready to go, headliner Vendetta Rose commandeered the stage to the delight of many screaming fans. The celebration that night was the release of the band’s new EP, Tilted Directions, produced by Dan Haase and recorded at Lake House Recording Studios with Moto Records. Asbury Lanes was packed to the gills with fans, family members, and Asbury Park locals wanting to take in the new music. And the party was just getting started!

Vendetta Rose consists of Alec Demello (vocals, keyboard), Nick Marrotta (guitar), Ryan Graci (guitar), Kyle Crowley (bass), and John Matlosz (percussion). Originally meeting up at the Lake House Music Academy, Alec, John, and Ryan starting working on some songs together, later recruiting Nick and Kyle to pull it all together. Although the band’s current lineup has only existed for eight months, the group is polished in every way with their music, live performance techniques, stage presence and message. This is especially significant when you realize that the age range of these musicians is only 14-19 years old!

Alec told me that when he sings he feels total freedom, adding, “When I get up on stage, I become fearless; it’s the only place I feel comfort.” As he performed that night, it was evident that being on stage fills him up to the point where he’s bursting to share his music. Alec’s vocal abilities are extensive as he can handle hard rock tunes or sweet ballads equally well. You can actually hear and feel the emotion and passion pouring out of him as he sings.

What also comes naturally to Alec is his stage presence and interaction with fans. Many don’t understand how tough this is, especially for newer performers. You have to balance the entertainment of the audience, keep up the pace of the show, and then make sure to kill it musically. He covered the entire stage often coming to the edges and singing directly to fans. He jumped, spun and laid on the stage and even walked through the venue several times while singing. There was no shortage of screaming fans who had to touch him as he went by!

John, who said he found his passion for drumming on his Dad’s drum set, played with a high octane energy all night long. He was also great at revving up the crowd often coming out from behind his set to let us know he wanted to hear us. One of the band’s influences is the Foo Fighters and I hear a power and heaviness in John’s drumming that mimics Dave Grohl’s intensity. On the other hand, he employs a variety of snare drum and hi-hat patterns and rhythms at lightning speed, similar to Taylor Hawkins’ skills. What an awesome combination for a drummer! John mentioned that he was introduced to the music of the Smithereens and the Ramones by his father which also seems to have influenced his punk rock beats.

In their short time together, Nick, Kyle and Ryan have developed a true rock and roll guitar sound that elevates this band to a higher level. When I asked them what they thought was unique about their music, they said they want every song to sound different from the last; and that they aim for a modern rock sound with hard rock elements. This trio perfectly blends intricate bass lines with heavy guitar chords and sweet lead guitar solos that are expressive and dynamic.

These “guitar guys” have all mentioned the impact music has had on their lives thus far. Kyle said that music is a way for him to detach and escape and you can tell he was blissfully on another plane while playing. Ryan mentioned that music is the way he expresses himself and communicates. It’s very apparent that he is a consumed with his music as he plays in both Dress Code and Vendetta Rose! And Nick mentioned that learning guitar in high school helped him get through a rough patch in life when he was living on his boat and finding his way. As he played on stage, Nick emanated true happiness and contentment. The genuineness of Vendetta Rose’s guitar presence seems fueled by these personal stories.

Add up all of these components, and Vendetta Rose had the entire audience in the palm of its hand all night. They expressed their gratitude for producer Dan Haase, Lake House Studios, and to Asbury Lanes for hosting their record release party. They also wore their hearts on their sleeves in showing appreciation for their family, friends, and fans. This group is the real deal and it was pleasure to listen to their music and an honor to photograph them and write up their show. I see much success in their futures and look forward to following their progress for a long time to come!

To hear an excellent representation of how amazing each musician’s abilities are, listen to “Silent Letter.

Want to know a few other tidbits about the band?

*The band chose the name “Vendetta Rose” because it embodies their message of Beauty and Darkness. As soon as Alec suggested it, they all immediately fell in love with it!

*Their favorite place to hang and relax is at Alec’s house with his six dogs!

*John plays “Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin on drums every single rehearsal. (This is one of Nick’s pet peeves!)

*Recording Tilted Directions was both nerve wracking and thrilling as they watched their songs come alive.

*The inspiration for their new album came from the struggles kids face as they go through adolescence. They also used symbols of abuse, alcoholism, and depression to touch upon darker issues that people may be facing.

*The song “Over and Under” is most meaningful to them as they feel it best represents the entire album.

*The band’s music is influenced by Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, and Linkin Park.

*The guys have already played at the Knitting Factory, The Stone Pony, Brighton Bar, The Saint, The Chubby Pickle, and Asbury Lanes.

*Their goal is to, one day, tour throughout America.

*Vendetta Rose promises that new music is coming soon!!!


Silent Letter/Tape/ The Sky is a Neighborhood (Foo Fighters cover)/Human Glass/Ghost/Drum Solo/King and Army/Little Miss Perfect/Over and Under


Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)/ Blend/Purple Rain (Prince cover)/Cupid’s Arrow

Listen to Vendetta Rose on Spotify.  Follow them on Instagram @vendettaroseband. To learn more about the band and get up-to-date tour information go to their website.  Check out their live videos here

Vendetta Rose
Vendetta Rose
Vendetta Rose
Vendetta Rose
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