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By Diane DiMemmo

December 2, 2019

WARNING!!  Attending a Vintage Trouble live show will probably put you at risk for dancing, singing loudly, meeting new friends, and having a bang-up great time. There’s no sitting in the shadows or passively watching. You are required to participate. And as a result … you should prepare to be amazed. That was our experience at The House of Independents the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving when Vintage Trouble – along with openers Hollis Brown and Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band - stormed the stage and never looked back.

The quartet of Ty Taylor [vocals], Nalle Colt [guitar], Rick Barrio Dill [bass], and Richard Danielson [drums] have been touring relentlessly to promote their most current release Chapter II, EP II - of which they proudly proclaim as a newer Vintage Trouble sound of “pop songs with rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll tension.” They feel it’s a more progressive chapter of Vintage Trouble as it’s their first studio-recorded, individually tracked EP. They wanted to pay homage to their soulful roots. As Ty stated, “The records ring of Marvin, Al, Sam, Otis, and Percy, but with the fullest of modern sound-scaping.”

The live performance the other night of new and old material proved that this group is most definitely at the top of their game. Listening to Ty’s passionate, soulful voice is like being in church. It feels like he caresses each note as he sings, giving fans the ability to feel the music personally. He’s the consummate entertainer in the way he involves each and every fan in the show. We all participated in synchronized dance routines that had us turning, dance-stepping, and waving our arms in unison. Ty made his way throughout the venue stopping to dance with various people as he sang. And his feet were a blur as he showed off complicated dance moves that had him hopping, spinning, and flying across the stage.

Ty also spoke to the crowd in between songs to share personal stories about the inspiration for their music. He called out several friends who were in the audience that night and shared stories of growing up together. (Two came on stage to dance with him.) He tenderly dedicated a song to his mother and shared personal feelings about how the world is currently filled with strife and discord, but the band’s hope is “if only a few people are touched and influenced by our lyrics and music, then we will feel like we've done our job in bringing some peace to the world.” What was interesting is that you could literally hear a pin drop in the venue when Ty spoke. Every single fan was tuned into his presence, his message and his magnetism.

I loved how Nalle, Rick, and Richard all seemed to channel their musical chops from a higher plane. Each one of them seemed to get lost in the art of musicianship in order to give the most electrifying performance for the crowd. Their individual playing blended together as one beautiful – yet powerful – sound. There was a segment of their set where Nalle, Rick, and Richard jammed for a while and impressed fans with dynamic, technically-complicated back-and-forth guitar and bass lines as well as stellar percussion. Each of them had a stand-out solo that left fans looking at each other like they couldn’t believe the magic they just heard.

With a trio of albums under their belt, (The Bomb Shelter Sessions, The Swing House Acoustic Sessions, and 1 Hopeful Rd.) and their more recent EPs (Chapter II–EP I in 2018 and Chapter II –EP 2 in 2019), Vintage Trouble shows that they are still brimming with new music destined to enhance and improve their genre’s musical landscape. Make sure to check out the videos below from that night, courtesy of zielijo1.

Catchy. Captivating. Creative. Classic. These are just some of the words that came to mind as I heard Hollis Brown for the first time. The Queens band was formed by singer-guitarist Mike Montali and lead guitarist Jonathan Bonilla in 2013. Rounding out the rest of the band are Andrew Zehnal (drums), Adam Bock (keys), and Chris Urriola (bass). In addition to their recently released album - Ozone Park- the group has also produced the albums 3 Shots (2015), Gets Loaded (2014), Ride on The Train (2013).

Hollis Brown has toured extensively in the U.S. and Europe, both on their own and supporting the likes of Citizen Cope, Counting Crows, Jackie Greene, Jesse Malin, the Zombies, and many more. And you’ve heard their music in films such as "Bad Country”; and on TV series such as Showtime's “Shameless.” DirecTV’s “Kingdom”; and MTV’s "Real World.” Also their music has been featured in the worldwide trailer for “The Founder” starring Michael Keaton, along with the Winter 2018 John Varvatos runway show and online campaign.

Hollis Brown has a truly unique sound that is definitely under-represented in today’s musical landscape. They apply the elements and energy that existed in classic rock tunes and then add modern-sounding melodies and instrumental techniques to it. It makes their sound very appealing to today’s listeners. As Mike has stated, “Growing up in Queens I fell in love with all different types of music. We had hip-hop, we had funk music, we had rock 'n' roll music, we had singer-songwriters. Everybody in the band loves all those things, so it's nice to try and incorporate all those things. We're really open.”

At The House of Independents, Mike crooned his way into the crowd’s hearts with mesmerizing silky-smooth vocals and his calming stage presence. The music oozed out of him effortlessly as if he were overflowing with creative energy and just had to get it out. Everyone – including myself – was directly tuned into his presence on stage. It was almost as if he cast a spell over us. His vocals were THAT GOOD.

As I listened to the pulsing, soulful sounds of Jonathan, Andrew, Adam, and Chris … I remember thinking, “This is some of the best guitar and percussion I’ve heard in a long time.” There are so many layers to their music – funky, fast-paced guitar runs that were an undercurrent for both lyrical and hard-core guitar solos, pleasing keyboard chords, and impressive 4-part vocal harmonies. The group ended with their hot new single “Go For It” which was a crowd favorite that kept the fans singing and dancing right until the end of their set. Make sure to check out the video below and follow this amazing band as they continue to share relevant and classic rock with us.

Asbury Park natives – Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band - opened the night with a raucous, high-energy, thoroughly enjoyable set that pumped up the House of Independents crowd immediately. This is what sets Asbury apart from so many other musical epicenters. We “produce” so many amazingly-talented, truly unique musicians that have the potential to climb all the way up the charts. This band is most definitely one of them.

Formed in 2011, Connor Bracken (Guitar / Vocals), Jesse Fogerty (Guitar), Rich Seyffart (Drums), and Mat Cobb (Bass Guitar) have a real authentic sound that embraces fast-paced rock and roll with hints of the jump blues, R&B, and funk rock of the likes of Chuck Berry and Elvis. There are a lot of moving parts to their tunes and each band member is engaging and talented in their own way. We all began our evening of dancing with The Mother Leeds Band and I believe they garnered many new fans from their performance that night. I – for one – will be following this group closely as they have all the ingredients necessary for a very successful musical career.

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