G. Love and Special Sauce Treats Stone Pony Fans

to a Memorable Heartfelt Performance

By Zach Belfer

January 28, 2020

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On Sunday January twenty-sixth, G. Love & Special Sauce brought the "Juice Tour" to the legendary Stone Pony, for what turned out to be a heartfelt evening filled with memory, reflection, and gratitude. The show began with a moment of silence in honor of Kobe Bryant who passed away earlier in the day, before breaking into “Shooting Hoops,” the 1994 track perfectly emulating the somber reality of the moment and the simple joy of playing basketball. G. Love has such a great talent for telling a story through his lyrics. It is the perfect combination of funk, soul, folk, rap, and rock. The musical embodiment of a lazy Sunday. Treating Asbury Park to a relaxed end to the weekend.

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The show included a wide variety of the Trio’s catalog including, popular song “Cold Beverage”, the fan favorite collaboration with Jack Johnson “Rodeo Clowns,” as well as an original take on Hall & Oates classic “I Can’t Go for That.” But this tour has been all about the promotion of new songs off the latest album titled THE JUICE, specifically the title track “The Juice,” a powerful bluesy track that seems to be connecting with fans due to its almost protest nature, and lyrics that scream positivity and empowerment. Certainly, themes that Asbury Park share a commonality with.

There seems to be a policy of adoption in places where music is the thriving force of the community. Asbury Park has a long history of supporting musicians that spend years coming back to this little music haven by the beach. There is no doubt that G.Love & Special Sauce have been accepted into that great tradition and family. Twenty-plus years of playing in Asbury Park, the loyalty definitely showed ...  especially when fans packed The Stone Pony on a chilly winter Sunday to be taken through the powerful stories G. Love shares in every show.

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