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March 31, 2020

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For photographers of live music, there is nothing to do right now. But there is always something to do, so much like every photographer I know, I’ve been going through old files. So here is an overview of the last show I attended at the House of Independents on March 4th. 

It was a night of hardcore at HOI – Shackled, Restraining Order, Kublai Kahn, and Terror.

Shackled is a relatively new hardcore band from Freehold, NJ. Built upon power chords with a nod toward metal, their thematic anthems and angst ring true with their growing fan base. The members of the relatively new Restraining Order all come from a long list of other New England bands. High energy with speed and a sharp edge, they brought their old-school attitude and the crowd enjoyed the set. Kublai Kahn, hardcore from Texas, has been around for some time. Throat ripping and heavy, the crowd was excited to see what the band was offering. Terror, around almost twenty years, are a hardcore mainstay. They sing about keeping the faith and helping the people around you.

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Truthfully, I’ve been going to hardcore shows for years, but I am a bigger fan of the people in the audience. Hardcore, while mostly attended by guys, still attracts an interesting group. From straight edge to the wafting haze of marijuana, the crowd all enjoy the pit and a good stage dive.

But – what do I know.

Have some photographs.

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