By Diane DiMemmo

January 17, 2020

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It was a freezing cold night in Asbury Park on January 16th, however the feeling and camaraderie inside Asbury Lanes that night was warm and comforting. That’s thanks to four bands who serenaded the crowd with amazing music, endearing personalities, and overwhelming kindness. The Almost, All Get Out, Ghost Atlas, and ROWDY gave us a healthy dose of outstanding musicianship and a fun time overall; a night that won’t soon be forgotten.


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The evening began right on time with ROWDY (bassist for The Almost) who has branched into songwriting for the last 12 of his 27 years as a musician. All I can say is thank goodness he has! His soothing performance was filled with bluesy, southern rock and roll and personal heartwarming stories which captured our attention and fully invested us in his music and message. I hope this doesn’t set ROWDY up for a new nickname, but his performance felt like a bowl of warm, homemade chicken soup on a cold winter night. It was so comforting! I could’ve listened to him sing for hours and thoroughly enjoyed his set which seemed to make us all feel like we were a group of his closest friends. ROWDY just released a brand-new single called “Hang It On” this past New Year’s Eve. I highly recommend you give it a listen. When you do, I predict you’ll download a whole lot more of his music!


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Next up were Alabama rockers GHOST ATLAS who wowed the audience with songs that had catchy melodies and great lyrics set to a heavy percussion-bass line that got our hearts pumping. You could feel their music as much as hear it which magnetizes listeners to a band. Their passion was undeniable especially as singer – Jesse Cash– became all-consumed with the music delivering spot-on vocals and falling to his knees in feeling and emotion. Make sure to download the band’s 2019 Sleep Therapy: An Acoustic Performance which highlights Jesse’s expansive vocal range. GHOST ATLAS continues their tour through the end of January which will give many more listeners the opportunity to fall in love with this great band.


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ALL GET OUT is that band that you remember long after you hear and see them perform live. They are as entertaining to watch as their sound is addicting to listen to, as their music defies the traditional genres. As I’ve said before, I adore bands who break the mold of what you typically come to expect in a rock show. Super unique is the group’s three-part harmonies which are sprinkled throughout their music … and they nailed it each time! And their tunes keep you engaged and excited with the variety of tempo changes, chords, melodies, and blending of musical techniques. ALL GET OUT is a band definitely worth checking out live. Make sure to download their 2018  No Bouquet and their 2019 EP All Get Out on Audiotree Live (#2)!


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When the evening’s headliners came to the stage, they were met with a contingent of fans that were super stoked to see them. I’ll say this. Asbury Park loves THE ALMOST! Frontman, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter Aaron Gillespie wowed us with stellar vocals that could either give you a gut-punch with his power or embrace you with his tenderness. And he was backed by searing guitar solos, heavy resounding bass lines, and freight-train percussion. It was a most perfect combination!

In 2007, Aaron debuted THE ALMOST with the LP Southern Weather; then following it with Monster Monster, Fear Inside Our Bones, and his 2019 masterpiece Fear Caller. In addition to his duties as vocalist and drummer of three-time Grammy Award-nominated UNDEROATH and touring with Paramore as their percussionist, Aaron has crafted his own unique style of music with THE ALMOST. The tunes are definitely driven by meaningful lyrics born of the life experiences that shape you. Yet his musicianship and potent vocals take it to another level that visibly moves his audience. Gillespie has said, “I feel like I do the best under pressure when things are bad. I need pressure and chaos to push me to be the best me.” When he performs live, it’s very apparent that those types of experiences are what pushes out a very elemental and compelling level of emotion.

As heart-pounding and exhilarating as THE ALMOST'S hard rock songs were, Aaron absolutely mesmerized everyone in the room when he performed solo - acoustically - at the end of the set. In that moment his voice was front and center, and there was no denying how insanely talented he is as a vocalist. Do what you can to see THE ALMOST perform during the remainder of the “If I Believed You” Tour!

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