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October 21, 2021

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It’s difficult to say who had a better time on October 19th at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York. The 17,000+ starry-eyed, adoring fans … or Michael Bublé himself. Earnestly admitting to the audience that performing for them was what he was “meant to do in life,” it was extremely evident how very much he missed doing just that. And the entire audience was equally as excited to be entertained and see him in action.

Quite possibly one of the most affable musicians in the industry, Bublé was eager and giddy to chat in-between songs, answering questions about how well his son was doing and commenting on the top-notch suit that one of the audience members was wearing that night. He even apologized for having to reschedule his shows several times over, but admitted, “I just wanted to do what was best for everyone.”

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Bublé's calling card - those velvety, smooth-as-glass vocals – were nothing short of exquisite as he worked his way through a sizable setlist of originals and covers. Performing as a solo vocalist backed by a large orchestra may seem a daunting task; but his charismatic and endearing personality, debonair dance moves, and relationship with his audience filled the stadium with an energy and joyfulness that was palpable.

The “Evening with Michael Bublé” tour was originally meant to support his most recent album love released in 2018. But just like many other musicians who worked on new projects  during the pandemic, Bublé is now also promoting the soon- to-be released Michael Bublé Christmas (10th Anniversary) which can be pre-ordered here. Enjoy his brand-new video for “Let It Snow” below.

In an interview with USA Today in 2019, Bublé was asked about the relationship and interaction he has with his fans. He response was, “I will never use that word, ever. That word ‘fan’ is derogatory. I think it’s sort of fanatical, and these people are not fanatical. They’re my family and my equals, and they’re the reason I have everything I have."

THAT was the feeling he communicated through his music to every single person in the audience that night. We all felt like friends being entertained in an intimate setting. It doesn’t matter what your preferred musical tastes are. If you love music in any way, shape or form … everyone should make a point to see Michael Bublé perform live. It’s a musical experience that will transform and elevate you.

Michael Bublé is a true legend.

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Courtesy of Justin Gardner

  • Deb Castell

    on October 21, 2021

    I was at this concert Tuesday after waiting 2 yrs because I had seen him at MSG in 2019 and I'd wait another 2 yrs; I agree wholeheartedly with your review.
    I loved every minute of it, I had a seat where I was 10-15 ft from the arc but I was trying to follow him with my camera off the side screens before I realized
    he was right in front of me, singing and smiling, just standing there so I waved Hi to him...a memory I'll never forget. I will definitely go again when he's back
    in the states. I also wanted to tell you these are beautiful still pictures of him, I'll have to get a better camera but none of us will forget that green suit ❤❤

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