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July 28, 2021

Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son rocked the House of Independents last week, and I had the best seat (or at least place to stand) in the house.

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The evening opened with two familiar faces as the dt's made their first full-band appearance. The dt's core is made up of David Cacciatore and Tom Losito, whom you may recognize as being members of the Vaughns. Tom and Dave left the Vaughns to be on their own as the dt's.

The dt's have an unmistakable love of the Beatles and music based on vocal harmony and melody, which is genuinely infectious. Their set was performed with a wonderful mix of confidence and sense of relaxed melody. This is a new band worth watching as we see how these two friends continue to define themselves as songwriters and develop more of their own Beatles-inspired sound.

I had never seen Ogbert the Nerd before, and their set was very engaging. The singer certainly played up their sense of being both as the outsider and someone who might have wanted to be an insider. This is a nervous and twitchy bunch of musicians who combine raw emotion, math rock, and a need for extended therapy into a riveting performance. They are both unpolitic and sorry for causing you trouble. The throaty delivery of the singer bolstered their angular musical approach. By the end of the set, I wanted to tell them that it’s all going to be okay and not worry so much about how bad high school must have been.

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On the flip side of Ogbert the Nerd was Little Hag.

Little Hag played with supreme confidence and what looked like a genuine love of performing. Their music was raw and confrontational. The musicianship of the band was both stellar and authentic. Avery Mandeville and this band should be touring with Little Thief as they have similar themes in their songs and attitude.

Lost In Society brought their unique brand of pop-punk. Please know that I offer the term “pop-punk” not as a criticism but as an acknowledgment that this band had a clear understanding of their audience and their music. The crowd showed their appreciation with a pit of moshing and singing along. I appreciated the slightly tempered moshing as there was no crowd killing or any possibility that I might get hurt. The band was tight and sounded spot on and ready to keep the crowd jumping.

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As for Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son, please see the separate article on them and their performance. But, I’ll give you a hint, this is a very, very good band fronted by a singer who has his sights set well into the future.

Here have some pictures.

The dt's

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Ogbert The Nerd

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Little Hag

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Lost in Society

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