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June 25, 2021

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Following a super fun podcast with ToyMachine band members Ryan and Ray, and the release of their two latest singles "I'm Fine" and "I Think I Hate Myself" ... I couldn't wait to hear their band perform live. Luckily, I got the chance to catch their amazing 3+ hour long set at the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten "Rock The Haus" Music Festival in Hoboken, NJ!

The night was an amazing mix of originals and covers, filled with an electrifying energy that can only come from ToyMachine music which they describe as "if Rage Against the Machine, Black Sabbath, Kanye West, lil Wayne, and Nirvana walked into a bar!"

Ray Bentley (Rapper/Singer), Ryan Lamon (Guitar/Vox), Mikey O’Connor (Bass/Guitar), and Greg Alders (Drums) are ToyMachine and this is a group to put on your radar, follow as they grow their fanbase, and make plans to see live. 

Want to know more about the guys? Read our list below, listen to our podcast with Ray and Ryan, and check out their APV "Band On The Rise" feature!

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Ten things to know about ToyMachine!

1. Their latest singles are "I Think I Hate Myself" and "I'm Fine." LISTEN TO THEM!

2. The songs to be released on their next album were recorded in Austin, TX by friend and BLK Odyssy musician, Sam Houston.

3. Ray was a solo artist/rapper for many years before joining ToyMachine! 

4. Ryan, Mikey & Greg ran into Ray at a mutual show backstage and told him that he HAD to be in their band ... and they hadn't even heard him sing yet!

5. ToyMachine music incorporates three different genres: rap, rock, and punk.

6. The band has come up with an ingenious method for packing their gigs by pre-selling tickets that include a bus ride to and from the show. Everyone is safe and their shows are full capacity!

7. Mikey and Ryan are cousins.

8. All band members consider themselves workaholics.

9. The official music video for "I'm Fine" includes guest appearances by their parents playing with the band.

10.  A fan in the audience once threw a hat toward the stage mid-song and it landed perfectly on Ryan's head ... ON BEAT!

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"I'm Fine"

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