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November 16, 2021

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I got to The Wallflowers show at The Stone Pony on November 12th as the doors opened at 7:00 pm to get a good spot on the rail. I wanted to be able to stake out a good view of the stage. While I stood and waited, I thought, how lucky are we to have the Asbury Park music scene and a place like The Stone Pony with all of its history and gravitas in our backyard? At the same bar where I had my first legal drink a good number of years ago, I was about to see a band that could be playing at the Garden. Tonight the Pony was sold out and packed to the rafters - I don't think one more person could have fit inside. At 9:35, Jakob Dylan led The Wallflowers onto that simple stage, and it became as big as the legend.

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The show represented his full body of work, including his hits, some deep cuts, and a good selection from the just-released album – Exit Wounds. The crowd was genuinely moved by Dylan's tribute to his mentor Tom Petty and his cover of "The Waiting," which was an appropriate framework for where he's gone musically in these new songs.

Listen to EXIT WOUNDS!

Jakob finished the night with a call out to a longtime friend – "If you're going to come to one of my shows, then you've got to get up and sing with me." With that, Jon Bon Jovi joined him on stage for a high voltage version of Nick Lowe's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding."

Thank you Jakob Dylan and The Stone Pony for another epic night.

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Bill Baumann is a photojournalist contributor to APV!

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