Review by Doug Dresher

August 4, 2021

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White Eagle Hall was packed with fans on Friday past. I am speculating that they were there to enjoy three things, Mannequin Pussy, Japanese Breakfast, and just being at a show. White Eagle Hall was just the right place for all three activity choices.

White Eagle Hall is a great venue; clean, excellent sound system and great staff. If you haven’t been there, please go – you will enjoy the experience.

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Japanese Breakfast was the headliner, and they brought their WFUV centric sound to an adoring audience. Their “lo-fi” dance funk smooth sound had the crowd bopping their heads and singing along. Michelle Zauner, the lead singer and principal artist in the band, was engaging, energetic, and completely enjoyable. Not too loud, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow.

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The more interesting aspect of the evening was having Mannequin Pussy open for them. Mannequin Pussy is much more raw, confrontational, and loud. I asked a woman standing next to me if they liked Mannequin Pussy. They said that Mannequin Pussy was too loud.

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As smooth as Japanese Breakfast was, Mannequin Pussy was raw. They reminded me of many of the punk/hardcore bands that played CBGBs a lifetime ago. Loud, screaming, "punch in the gut" raw - Mannequin Pussy didn’t care if they offended you, as long as they got you to think. And if you didn’t feel like thinking, Mannequin Pussy would have just as well have you leave the building – they have an agenda, and it is much more than to get you to dance, mosh, or pogo.

Enjoy the pictures.

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Born from an existential argument between the modernists and postmodernists, I have found my home with the post-punks and those who love a good slice of pizza. I live in a world of art in the age of mechanical reproduction and the ever-elusive decisive moment. Punctum and Stadium aside, I like to take photographs of people and things to see how they look photographed. While I miss CBGBs, I think Asbury Park is as close as we are ever going to get to making punk whatever we make it to be. The future is unwritten and I owe it all to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Martin. Let us now praise famous men and ask the little prince for his thoughts. Sometimes I'm on the road, but If it wasn’t for the honor of the thing, I’d rather walk. My loving wife supports this albatross of an obsession and my kids put up with me well. BA, MFA, M.Ed., BCEA, Tri-X, and Nikon.

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