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August 15, 2022

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Seattle folk\indie rockers, Fleet Foxes brought a calming performance to Philly’s Mann Music Center. Though the band's self-titled debut album still captured a portion  of the concert, the star of the show was the eight songs from their latest, Shore, which were sprinkled throughout the 26-song set. As the band took the stage, the crowd erupted with such applause that front man Robin Pecknold had to calm the noise before beginning. But, when the band started, it never looked back.

The band sprang into a trio of acoustic rockers “Wading in Waist High Water,” “Sunbird,” and I can’t “Believe in You.” The band then hit their audience with their classic “Ragged Wood,” “Your Protector,” and “He doesn’t Know Why,” each energizing the near sell-out crowd. The rest of the set was sprinkled with songs from Crack-Up and Helplessness Blues. The visual production was minimal, and the stage setup was simple, but it was obvious that the sound coming from the speakers were all we needed that night. The moody lights and changing visuals were a perfect match to their melancholic songs that filled the space with life.


Robin Pecknold – lead vocals, guitar

Skyler Skjelset – guitar, mandolin, backing vocals

Casey Wescott – keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals

Christian Wargo – bass guitar, guitar, backing vocals

Morgan Henderson – upright bass, guitar, woodwind, violin, percussion

Set List

1. Wading in Waist‐high Water (with Uwade) 2. Sunblind 3. Can I Believe You 4. Ragged Wood 5. Your Protector 6. He Doesn't Know Why 7. Featherweight 8. Third of May/Ōdaigahara 9. Lorelai 10. White Winter Hymnal 11. Phoenix (Big Red Machine cover) 12. Mearcstapa 13. Mykonos 14. Blue Spotted Tail (Robin Pecknold Solo) 15. If You Need To, Keep Time on Me 16. The Kiss (Judee Sill cover) 17. A Long Way Past the Past 18. Drops in the River 19. Blue Ridge Mountains 20. Grown Ocean 21. Montezuma (Robin Pecknold Solo) 22. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Robin Pecknold Solo) 23. The Shrine/An Argument 24. For a Week or Two (with Uwade) 25. Going-to-the-Sun Road (with Uwade) 26. Helplessness Blues "

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Untitled photo

My name is Steve Cerf and concert photography is my passion. I got into concert photography after seeing a young Freddy Mercury mesmerize his audience at the Philadelphia Civic Center back in 1977. Since then, I have photographed countless live performances of all kinds. Located in Philadelphia, my ability to experience the show and a performer’s essence and “sweat” is what I incorporate into my images.

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