Words & Photos by Melissa Lawlor

April 18, 2022

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh, better known as GFM, is a three-piece metal band of sisters from Jacksonville, FL currently on tour supporting Fozzy, on the "Save the World" Tour. Maggie (bass, keyboards, vocals), CJ (guitar, vocals) and LuLu (drums, vocals) are a new breed rising on the hardcore metal scene and also a faith-based band. These beautiful young women pack a powerhouse of energy and excitement on stage, while at the same time spreading love for their faith. Their confidence shines through their performance as they move around completely in synch with one another.

The term ‘beautycore’ came about several years ago after they were always being asked what genre of music GFM was. Metal or metalcore just didn’t seem to completely fit. After using the term amongst themselves, it quickly took off with others as well.

They are extremely talented musicians, and it is evident that these girls love their job and work well together. They are also strong role models for other young women.

Catch them out on tour with Fozzy!

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"I was born and raised in New Brunswick, NJ surrounded by creativity and the arts. My parents always loved listening to music, so I was exposed to an array of genres from an early age. As my own tastes developed, I found myself drawn to performers who weren’t so mainstream. It was during college, while studying art and photography, that I embraced the punk scene and spent most of my free time “going to shows.” Whether it was in a local VFW Hall, a small club in the tri-state area, or somewhere on Rutgers campus, I was usually there with a camera. I became involved with local bands, working on photo shoots and designing artwork for them. After receiving my BFA in graphic design, I moved in the direction of publishing while always keeping an interest in photography. I currently live in Freehold, NJ and although concert photography still remains my favorite, I also like to incorporate portrait and wildlife work as well. Asbury Park has practically become a second home to me, and to this day you’ll still find me, whether working or in the audience, 'going to shows."

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