Words & Photos by Steve Cerf

August 26, 2022

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The Goo Goo Dolls exploded onto the stage at The Mann Music Center an immediately started off with “Yea, I Like You,” the single off their newly released album Chaos in Bloom bringing the crowd to their feet. Then came “Slide” turning the 40 something crowd into 20 somethings because of the charisma of Lead Singer\Guitarist John Rzeznik and Bassist\Singer Robby Takac.

The entire performance was filled with high energy and talent. All the backing members had a strong presence and Takac was having a fabulous time, kicking, jumping, and dancing on stage. John Rzeznik’s voice never sounded better, and you could tell the Duo from Buffalo were having a blast. An astounding 36 years together, John & Robby still show they are here to stay and will stay for years to come.


1. Yeah, I Like You 2. Slide 3. Big Machine 4. Here Is Gone 5. Black Balloon 6. Naked 7. Miracle Pill 8. Over and Over 9. Lucky Star 10. Free of Me 11. Come to Me 12. Sympathy 13. Name 14. So Alive 15. War 16. Going Crazy 17. Life's a Message 18. Bringing on the Light 19. Broadway 20. Better Days 21. Iris Encore 22. Tattered Edge / You Should Be Happy 23. Running Down a Dream (Tom Petty cover)

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My name is Steve Cerf and concert photography is my passion. I got into concert photography after seeing a young Freddy Mercury mesmerize his audience at the Philadelphia Civic Center back in 1977. Since then, I have photographed countless live performances of all kinds. Located in Philadelphia, my ability to experience the show and a performer’s essence and “sweat” is what I incorporate into my images.

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