Words & Photos by Kenny Bieber

August 15, 2022

The arc of an artist is filled with many highs and lows but the victories can truly feel significant. For R&B artist Kehlani whose built a steady and dedicated fanbase over the years with her albums and mixtapes she’s finally having her moment selling out two shows at Radio City Music Hall. The anticipation was rightly justified as the night proved to be an exciting and memorable one. Joined on tour by hip-hop artist Rico Nasty who delivered a short yet energetic and hilarious set. Kehlani showcased her immense connection to her fanbase while delving deep into her immense catalog, highlighting recent material and deep cuts both to equally exhilarating measure. As a performer, Kehlani kept things intimate on stage but still delivered a unique visual experience full of choreography but also many moments where she opted to engage directly with her fans. Renditions of fan favorites such as “Love Language” and “The Way” were received greatly but her newer songs such as “Little Story” and “Any Given Sunday” resonated just as strongly.

The true achievement here was how despite the scale of the venue, Kehlani managed to establish a genuine rapport with every audience member. The setlist seamlessly flowed from song to song and the production value richly enhanced the performance in a tasteful manner that didn’t distract from it. When it comes to the longevity of an artist, time can only tell how far one’s career will take them. It’s safe to say after her two nights at Radio City, Kehlani has fully solidified her status as one of our most compelling and multi-faceted performers. For those who are a fan or even those uninitiated this is a performance that’s highly recommended.


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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.

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