Words & Photos by Doug Dresher

October 13, 2022

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While I have been a fan of Pomplamoose for years, I have also been intrigued by its co-member, Nataly Dawn. Pomplamoose music tends to be more rockish and full-bodied, filled with interesting covers and mashups of songs you never knew could go together. Nataly Dawn’s music is much gentler and more cerebral.

Dawn’s performance last week at The World Café Live in Philadelphia was worth every mile I drove to see the show. It was both gentle and engaging. Singing with another guitar player and a vibraphone player, Dawn sang songs from her new album Gardenview and a few from her catalog of French language covers. Each song was more delicate than the previous, even the ones where the band opened up a little; you could hear every nuance of every note.

The audience sat in captive silence and respected the artist’s performance. There were funny interactions between the audience and Ms. Dawn that didn’t give any evidence of her admission of not playing live or touring too often.

When the show was over, I felt I had just experienced a performance of a skilled and passionate performer. Sublime as it was gentle – it was a night I will not soon forget.

Here, have some photographs.

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Born from an existential argument between the modernists and postmodernists, I have found my home with the post-punks and those who love a good slice of pizza. I live in a world of art in the age of mechanical reproduction and the ever-elusive decisive moment. Punctum and studium aside, I like to take photographs of people and things to see how they look photographed. While I miss CBGBs, I think Asbury Park is as close as we are ever going to get to making punk whatever we make it to be. The future is unwritten and I owe it all to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Martin. Let us now praise famous men and ask the little prince for his thoughts. Sometimes I'm on the road, but If it wasn’t for the honor of the thing, I’d rather walk. My loving wife supports this albatross of an obsession and my kids put up with me well. BA, MFA, M.Ed., BCEA, Tri-X, and Nikon.

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