By Gregory "The Poet" Schwartz

August 31, 2022

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The Return of Writers in the Raw.

90.5 The Night. Song-Writers On The Beach.

Thursday, Aug 25. Bradley Beach.

It’s a Party, It’s the Last Show of the Series.

Rock It Academies Nick Grande Alumni Trio.

Perform a joyful opening set.

Showing a well learned understanding of how to bring out the best in their

Stevie Wonder based set.

During intermission. Line Dancers kick up their heels.

Williams Honor Family

featuring Bobby Mahoney and Emily Grove.

Four Hundred plus neighbors and friends

Settle in, setting up chairs, opening up blankets.

Under a prefect sky, calm and peacefully rainless.

The evening’s series beginning with a round of free form welcoming

Spontaneous back and forth banter,

heartfelt introductions and humbling thanks of appreciation.

With one love, it’s time to gather the forces and let loose

Projecting new and exciting ways to take in the communal energy.

It’s a party, it’s the last show of the series.

Reagan Richards in high stepping, center staging, darn majestic boots.

Gordon Brown sporting for the occasion a grey Newsboy Hat.

Emily Grove wearing a psychedelic orange pattern print dress.

Bobby Mahoney showing up in the latest Transparent Gallery performance shirt.

The rounds go Williams Honor, followed by Emily then Bobby.

Fourteen Songs.

Willams Honor.

1. Breaking Up Song, 4. Safe, 7. Step, 10. In My Yard, 13. Whole Lot of Love, (Encore) 14. I Can’t Wait to be Ashamed.

Emily Grove.

2. Across the Sea, 5. Fragile, 8. Jonny Lee, 11. A Case of You ( Joni Mitchell cover)

Bobby Mahoney.

3. Moth to a Flame, 6. Lay It On Me, 9. Dead Beat Summer, 12. Born to Run.

Secure within a sense of familiarity,

To be amongst newlyweds and families.

To be renewed in the smile of first-time listeners.

To be ever forward in the discovery of empowerment.

A grouping of the strongest voices,

melding intuitively in pure mellifluous harmonies.

The stage set up is precise, the sound is immaculate.

It’s a party, it’s the last show of the series.

May the powers that be, cast their approval

for next seasons’ return of “Song Writers in the Round”

Without these, these evenings could never be.

Jeff Raspe, Megan O’Shea,

Thomas Reilly, Legacy Lighting LLC crew.

and you the believers in live music.

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