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August 29, 2022

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Soul Asylum

Took a quick trip back to the 90s last Thursday night at the new Carteret Performing Arts Center. The show opened with Nine Days – the Long Island based alternative rock band founded in 1994 by singer-songwriters John Hampson and Brian Desveaux. You remember them best from their song – "Absolutely (Story of a girl)". A song that reached number one on the top 40 Billboard charts, A song that, now that I've mentioned it – will not be out of your head for the rest of the day, a song they truly embraced that night with an incredible extended version. A great way to start the night. The band is made up of; John Hampson (vocals, guitar), Brian Desveaux (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Dean (keyboards), and Nick Dimichino (bass guitar, backing vocals).

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Nine Days

Coming out strong, Soul Asylum, the classic American alternative rock band, started the night with something new – In the Beginning - from their current album, Hurry Up and Wait. Then they moved right into their classics – "Somebody to Shove," "Misery," "Black Gold" … straight through to "Runaway Train." They found the perfect blend of old and new. As the only original member, David Pirner says the band's greatest accomplishment is staying together for 41 years. However, I would say that their greatest accomplishment is putting together a fantastic, new version of the band for 2022. One that looks like it's been together since their garage band days in high school. And one you want to see as soon as possible. The current lineup is Dave Pirner (lead vocals guitar), Ryan Smith (vocals, lead guitar), Jeremy Tappero (bass), Michael Blan (drums, vocals).

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Set List

The Beginning, Somebody to Shove, Misery, Got It Pretty Good, Here We Go, Black Gold, Without a Trace, By the Way, Losing It, Veil of Tears, Homesick, String of Pearls, Lately, Hopped Up Feeling, Good for You, Never Really Been, Runaway Train, 99%, Just Like Anyone, Summer of Drugs, April Fool.



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Bill Baumann is a contributing photojournalist to Asbury Park Vibes.

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