Words & Photos by Diane DiMemmo

August 9, 2022

Asbury Park was blessed with a performance by Stephen Kellogg last weekend when he opened for the Counting Crows. Kellogg's music transcends genres and his tunes are literally what everyone would want to have on their playlist. It's music from the heart & soul ... music about family and love ... music as that universal language which connects us all. Just watch Kellogg's video below for his new song "It Goes Fast" and you'll immediately get a sense of the kind of human he is and how his music is written to touch us all.

The audience was riveted by Kellogg's musicality and charm, as well as amazed by the stellar band backing him up. Late in the evening, when Kellogg joined the Crows for their last two songs, he candidly shared with the crowd, "If you've ever wondered about it ... this is what a dream coming true looks like."

A man of many talents, make sure to check out Stephen Kellogg's site to learn more about his music and upcoming album Keep It Up Kid, his book Objects In The Mirror, his TedX Talk, and his film Last Man Standing (The Story of South, West, North, East). His tour continues across the US through the rest of the year and tickets can be purchased here. An artist you most definitely want to follow!

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Diane DiMemmo is the founder and editor of Asbury Park Vibes. In addition to hosting the APV Podcast and Artist Spotlight series, she specializes in portrait, promo, and tour photography.

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