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March 29, 2022

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British alternative rock band Wolf Alice made an electrifying return to Asbury Park with a sold out show at the legendary Stone Pony. The band led by front woman Ellie Rowsell ripped into a set full of high-energy numbers such as “Smile” and “Play The Greatest Hits” while also showcasing their tender and intimate side as well with songs such as “The Last Man on Earth” and “Moaning Lisa Smile."

Kicking things off with their latest hit “Smile” from their recent album Blue Weekend, Wolf Alice took the crowd by storm and showcased their dynamic, gusty and vibrant sound. Rowsell delivered a committed, physical and passionate performance throughout, and her bandmates matched her efforts seamlessly. Their setlist also managed to effectively balance highlights from their latest record and fan favorites such as “Bros” and “Giant Peach.” To the band’s credit, each selection had the audience fully engaged.

In terms of performance, Wolf Alice created moments of pure rock spectacle and juxtaposed them seamlessly with beautifully tender moments. This balance allowed for a truly well-rounded performance and credit to them for managing to keep their set at a tight pace while giving each song their proper due. The true beauty of Wolf Alice’s performance is the sheer soul, intensity and passion on display throughout the entire set. With many debates over the future of rock music, it’s always noteworthy when you witness an act that just has it right in front of you. Wolf Alice are surely one of those acts and if you ever get a chance to experience live it’s highly recommended you do so. Be sure to follow Wolf Alice on all social media and streaming platforms!

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Kenny Bieber is a local music journalist and photographer who also highly values a good pun, quality milkshake and swears he doesn’t have too many records. He’s generally just happy to be here.

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