Words & Photos by Diane DiMemmo

June 2023

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It was another glorious night of North To Shore Festival performances when Dentist, Little Hag and Lowlight took the stage at Asbury Park’s famous Wonder Bar on June 15th. The venue was packed for a mid-week show which proves two things: (1) The North To Shore Festival has energized the area with a variety of musical acts; and (2) These three bands are so good that listeners are willing to dedicate a weeknight to seeing them play live!

Lowlight began the magical night telling us how happy they were to be there as it was their first Wonder Bar show in 4 years. Without missing a beat they stepped into their set with confidence, power, and a solid stage presence from beginning to end. Beautiful keys intertwined with thumping bass lines, stellar guitar work and funky drum beats. The vocals were passionate and powerful. The sound was eclectic and very unique with some 80’s synth pop, electronica, and funk. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Little Hag took the stage next and unequivocally made it her own. This musical spitfire was born to be on stage with an excitement, joy, and a dedication to her craft that’s as contagious as it is endearing. Her music was filled with beautiful harmonies, lilting keys, and crazy sick guitar solos. Little Hag called out her drummer as “the best there is” and joked how other bands try to poach him all the time. The highlight of their set was when the band played their newest song which visibly amped up the crowd’s involvement in the show. A wonderful set!

Headliners – Dentist – were oh soooooo good! Make that great!! No, what I’m trying to say is that they were phenomenal!! The band carries themselves with a professionalism that immediately distinguishes them, but it doesn’t stop there. From the lovely vocals to the gut punching percussion to the “off the charts” guitar solos  … they put forth a surf pop-punk vibe that is irresistible. It’s catchy and mesmerizing and it appeals to music lovers of all genres. You know a band is great when it feels like their music reaches inside of you and resonates deeply. Dentist is definitely one of those bands!


Little Hag


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Diane DiMemmo is the founder and editor of Asbury Park Vibes. In addition to overseeing the AP Vibes Music Mag and hosting the APV Podcast, she specializes in live music/portrait photography, copywriting, and artist development & management services.

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