APV Studio

APV Studio is a division of Asbury Park Vibes which provides photo shoots and portrait sessions specifically for musicians. We concentrate on working with NJ, PA, and NY artists and strive to provide images that truly communicate your personality and message. You may have very specific requests for your shoot, or you may want us to provide you with ideas. Either situation is fine, but collaboration always produces the best results. 

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A well-planned shoot with specific intent produces images that will more effectively communicate who you are as an artist and help establish your brand. We've designed a series of questions to help you move through the thought process of identifying what you want. Your answers will influence our design of poses and the location choice. If you’re a band, you should discuss this as a group so that you’re all on the same page.

You can easily answer and submit the questions online by clicking here.

*Note: A photo shoot date cannot be scheduled until these questions are answered.*

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The photo shoot can take place practically anywhere! Some parks and historic venues require special permission, permits or additional fees so deciding on location early is important. We feel that places near and dear to your heart produce the best results. If you can't decide, we can suggest various options.

What To Wear

👕If you want to further brand your signature look, wear the clothes you typically perform in.

👕If you want to share more of who you are as a person off-stage so that your listeners connect with you on a different level, consider wearing the clothes you’d wear if hanging with friends.

👕If you want to really make a “next level” statement, consider wearing an outfit that nobody has seen you wear yet. Possibly something you’ll wear on stage in the future, or clothing that’s in line with an album theme.

Photo Sessions

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APV Studio Sessions include:

📸Pre-session consultation 

📸Location scouting and pre-session test shoot

📸Creative design of a series of poses for the shoot 

📸Professional photographer(s) for the duration of the photo session 

📸 Unique, high-quality series of promotional photographs

📸Creative processing and re-touching, rendered for both web and print

📸Consultation for photo and merch ordering (if desired)

Contact us to discuss your project and receive an estimate.

Additional fees apply for:

-Travel in excess of 30 minutes

-Special Permit Fees

-Hair & Makeup

Contact us with questions or to set up an appointment!

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