Asbury Park Vibes Announces New Music Podcast!

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August 20, 2020 [Asbury Park, NJ] - Local music media publication ASBURY PARK VIBES [APV] has announced that it will be hosting a weekly music podcast series featuring musicians from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as those who pass through the area to perform. The podcast will expand upon the services APV currently offers which include photography, copywriting, show coverage, and interviews.

“Our goal as a publication is to bring musicians and listeners closer together, and what better way to do that than with open, unscripted conversations with the bands and solo artists we love,” said APV founder and editor Diane DiMemmo. “No topic is off limits, and nothing will be rehearsed so conversations are bound to end up in unexpected places. I just love that!”

For the last two years, APV’s photojournalists have covered countless concerts and festivals and shared the photos and reviews online at WWW.APVIBES.COM. But the COVID restrictions that have crippled the live music industry have, by default, impacted entertainment publications who rely on those music performances for content.

“At the time everything shut down,” explained DiMemmo, “Asbury Park Vibes was really starting to take off and we didn’t want to lose that momentum. So fellow photojournalist Doug Dresher and I began conducting interviews with bands as the cornerstone of our ‘Artist Spotlight’ series. The musicians really appreciate the publicity and we’re having a great time getting to know more about them and their music.”

Dresher chimed in, "Diane & I brainstorm a lot about the different ways we can share music content with listeners. The interview is a great tool to learn more about a band, but we think a podcast format will allow us to dive deeper into music topics and engage in some hilarious conversations. There’s no telling how crazy things will get!”

Neon colored Limestone brick wall

The Asbury Park Vibes Podcast will be rolled out in two distinct phases. With the present social distancing restrictions, APV will host the podcasts remotely. But once restrictions are lifted and it’s easier for groups to gather, DiMemmo and Dresher will begin hosting “Beer with the Band” episodes.

“We thought it’d be a blast to meet with bands in local bars and breweries and review a craft beer together, in addition to our conversations about music. It’ll definitely keep things interesting and will be great publicity for everyone involved!” stated DiMemmo.

APV is in the process of lining up musicians and local NJ bars/breweries to participate in the podcast series. Interested parties can sign up by clicking the button below.    

Our Most Current Episodes


    APV Host, Kenny Bieber,  takes a deep dive in conversation with the Indie punk-rock band Wyndup Kid for APV Podcast #93. Hear all about how the band actually started out as an art project and then the music was added on later! It's so interesting to hear them talk about how they create their music, and their underlying drive to push the envelope of the punk rock genre and create a sound that serves the music, as opposed to fitting the standard mold of what people think it should be.

    Check out Wyndup Kid's new album, SWELL, and you're going to be blown away by their fresh,  unique, progressive sound!



    We had an opportunity to speak with Suzanne Spitaletta, both a fine photographer and owner of the Black Glass Gallery.

    The photography of Black Glass Gallery members will be on display again at Middletown Arts Center! Join us for an opening reception with live music by Astronaut Jones on November 5th from 6-9pm.

    Black Glass Gallery is a dynamic, social media-based photography community. Founded in New Jersey, we gather for photography outings at locations that offer inspiring settings. We showcase the beauty we discover through our lenses on our social media pages. Now you can see some of the fabulous images in print at Middletown Arts Center for the month of November.




    Catching Up Backstage with The Happy Fits

    We had a blast catching up with The Happy Fits right after their energetic and very well-received performance at Sea.Hear.Now. The guys were elated following that first show back since the pandemic and talked with us about many topics including their new singles "Another Try" and "Cold Turkey," what happened when their music was included on some pretty big playlists, and how they rearranged their lives when the band's music suddenly took off.

    The guys are hitting the road shortly on the "What Could Be Better" cross-country tour and will wrap up their journey with a show at Asbury Lanes on December 17th! Click here for tickets as soon as possible because ten of their shows are already SOLD OUT! 

    Podcast Hosts, Kenny Bieber & Diane DiMemmo

    Opening intro music by Readymade Blakeup

    Closing music by The Happy Fits 


    We had caught up with Renee Maskin a few weeks before it was announced that she was leaving Low Light.  we had also thought that perhaps we shouldn't public this podcast - but Renee is so disarmingly fun to speak with, it would have been a waste not to share this.

    As both Lowlight and Renee continue with their musical paths, we hope that they will keep us posted here at Asbury Park Vibes.


    As some of you might remember, the covid months were filled with... nothing.  A year and a half of boredom.  BUT!

    As many did, I found a way to keep occupied, and that was with online ZOOM trivia.

    Here you can meet and listen to my Trivia with Maddy friends all talk at the same time, laugh, and speak about how online trivia (in part) saved our lives.


    All are welcome to play Trivia with Maddy - we usually meet every Tuesday and Friday at 9:30 Eastern Time.

    Here is a link -

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