Asbury Park Vibes Announces New Music Podcast!

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August 20, 2020 [Asbury Park, NJ] - Local music media publication ASBURY PARK VIBES [APV] has announced that it will be hosting a weekly music podcast series featuring musicians from New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, as well as those who pass through the area to perform. The podcast will expand upon the services APV currently offers which include photography, copywriting, show coverage, and interviews.

“Our goal as a publication is to bring musicians and listeners closer together, and what better way to do that than with open, unscripted conversations with the bands and solo artists we love,” said APV founder and editor Diane DiMemmo. “No topic is off limits, and nothing will be rehearsed so conversations are bound to end up in unexpected places. I just love that!”

For the last two years, APV’s photojournalists have covered countless concerts and festivals and shared the photos and reviews online at WWW.APVIBES.COM. But the COVID restrictions that have crippled the live music industry have, by default, impacted entertainment publications who rely on those music performances for content.

“At the time everything shut down,” explained DiMemmo, “Asbury Park Vibes was really starting to take off and we didn’t want to lose that momentum. So fellow photojournalist Doug Dresher and I began conducting interviews with bands as the cornerstone of our ‘Artist Spotlight’ series. The musicians really appreciate the publicity and we’re having a great time getting to know more about them and their music.”

Dresher chimed in, "Diane & I brainstorm a lot about the different ways we can share music content with listeners. The interview is a great tool to learn more about a band, but we think a podcast format will allow us to dive deeper into music topics and engage in some hilarious conversations. There’s no telling how crazy things will get!”

Neon colored Limestone brick wall

The Asbury Park Vibes Podcast will be rolled out in two distinct phases. With the present social distancing restrictions, APV will host the podcasts remotely. But once restrictions are lifted and it’s easier for groups to gather, DiMemmo and Dresher will begin hosting “Beer with the Band” episodes.

“We thought it’d be a blast to meet with bands in local bars and breweries and review a craft beer together, in addition to our conversations about music. It’ll definitely keep things interesting and will be great publicity for everyone involved!” stated DiMemmo.

APV is in the process of lining up musicians and local NJ bars/breweries to participate in the podcast series. Interested parties can sign up by clicking the button below.    

Our Most Current Episodes



    Asbury Park is certainly filled with music and arts.  But it is also filled with people who grew up in town and remember the past with both fondness and longing for progress moving forward, including everyone.

    We welcomed Soli and Sheila to our podcast.  They were born and lived in Asbury Park, and  have local businesses that make Asbury Park a special place.  And they are both real characters.  

    Here we learn about their Day Care business, their Airbnb business, and a food truck that cooks delicious empanadas!

    Anchor House Airbnb

    2 for Care Early Childhood Center

    Kiyahs Kiye Food Truck


    The fast-rising, high-octane LA-based rock and roll band – Classless Act – will be pumping out the hits from their debut album Welcome To the Show this Wednesday, Dec 14th at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ! Formed in 2018 and before their first album was even released, these crazy-talented musicians were asked to join the biggest tour of last summer ... The Stadium Tour with Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts! Their music has been labeled “the future of rock n’ roll;” and Derek Day (vocals), Chuck McKissock (drums), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), and Franco Gravante (bass) have been dubbed “hard rock’s new elite.”

    We got the chance yesterday to chat with Derek and Chuck where we found out what it was like for them to collaborate with Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe) and Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) on two of their singles, what it’s like to play in huge stadiums, how the flame for music was ignited in them as kids, and how surprises feed their creativity when writing music. Classless Act is currently releasing five (5) acoustic versions of their Welcome To The Show singles, of which the final will be shared on December 16th. 

    Tune in to our podcast to meet the band and get hyped for their show tomorrow in Asbury Park where they open for Giovannie & The Hired Guns! Tickets can be purchased right here!!

    Podcast opening music by Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band


    Asbury Park Vibes caught up with Andrea of the band Iceblynk.  Not only did we get a chance to meet her cat, but we talked about the band's new self-titled release.  They describe themselves as "Ethereal gaze dreampop indie rox w/ reflections of The Cure, Lush, The Sundays, Melody’s Echo Chamber."  We couldn't agree more.  Their gentle jangly, and interwoven layers of sound complement Andrea's beautiful voice. This is a band to watch!


    Iceblynk on Spotify


    We had a blast on this recent podcast with Joe Pomarico (Pom) and Matt Fernicola (Fern) from Telegraph Hill Records, along with friend and collaborator Jim Lenskold (Tiki Jim). The gentlemen joined us to talk all about their annual end-of-year festival What A Wonderful Year (WAWY)!

    Now if you’ve never been to WAWY before, we are here to tell you that it’s a PARTY … and that this is an event NOT to be missed!! This year the festival takes place on Dec 29-30 at The Wonder Bar with 10 (ten) musical acts performing each night, charitable auctions & contributions, and unique guest collaborations! Also making an appearance this year is the event's official "What A Wonderful Beer" by Last Wave Brewing Company!

    Tune in to hear all about how WAWY started, what goes into the planning, what attendees can expect this year, and some cool little nuggets of info about Tiki Jim, Fern & Pom! Always a pleasure, always a lot of fun … make sure to listen to this one and join us at WAWY on Dec 29 and 30 at the Wonder Bar!


    DEC 29

    DEC 30

    Podcast intro by Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band


    When you go to a live performance featuring Alexander Simone, you hear the most wondrous music and vocals behind his larger-than-life stage presence. And the natural question that pops into your mind is "Who is THAT?" or ... "WHODAT?!"

    Simone very proudly refers to his "WHODAT? LIVE CREW" band as his family and we spend the better part of our most recent podcast chatting about their extraordinary talent, personalities, and musical upbringing. Their stories are fascinating so we invite you to tune in and learn all about this incredible group of musicians!

    Podcast intro music by Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band.

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