Words by Diane DiMemmo, Matthew Krantz, and Nick Manduley

September 21, 2020

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BACKHOUSE is back at it and ready to release their fourth extraordinary single, "Key Of Orange" on September 25th! Mastered by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Ed Sheeran) of Abbey Road Studios with cover art by Tyler Spangler (Nike, Chanel, Starbucks), BACKHOUSE isn't pulling any punches. As a matter of fact, we were so excited when we saw their sneak peek video (below) that several APV journalists just had to write about it! Check it out for yourself, and read on for our reviews!

Sneak Peek at "Key of Orange"

We’re excited about this one! BACKHOUSE is returning with their latest single “Key of Orange,” set to drop on September 25th. Staying consistent with their alternative/psychedelic sound, the band delivers once again with their smooth vocals and superb musicianship…both of which we’re becoming accustomed to quickly.“Key of Orange” exudes the tonal influences of some of the great alternative acts of the ‘90s. If you enjoy the music of Radiohead, you’ll most likely enjoy this one. There is definitely a touch of jazz fusion here as well as some bluesy guitar work. A strong single that adds to their growing collection of work. It’s always great to hear more from these guys out of Bradley Beach, NJ.

- Matthew Krantz

“Key of Orange” is a waterfall of clean-toned guitars, spacey keyboards, and grooving rhythm. The infectious vocal melodies cut through the noise while also matching the ebb and flow of the song as a whole. Anyone who’s searching for a fresh kick of psychedelic rock should end their quest here — BACKHOUSE has you covered.

- Nick Manduley

BACKHOUSE will release a video for "Key of Orange" On October 2, 2020. Sit back, relax, and enjoy their last music video for "Fruit Breakfast" below.

"Fruit Breakfast"


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