Save Our Stages!

Photo: Ryan Ross

Press Release from House of Independents, May 6, 2020 - Thank you for your ongoing support of the House of Independents. Together with you, we have played a role in bringing live music and entertainment to downtown Asbury Park while furthering the careers of countless artists since we opened our doors four and a half years ago. Now independent venues like ours are at risk, and we need you to tell our Senators and Representatives how important House of Independents is to you and Asbury Park.  

When this crisis began, independent music venues were the first to close, and we will be the last to open. While completely shuttered we have no revenue, our employees are without jobs, and normal bills keep coming, regardless.

We have joined the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), a group of more than 1,200 independent music venues and promoters in all 50 states, to collectively urge Congress to help protect our industry by providing the financial support that is necessary for us to survive the shutdown and reopen once again.

Please join us and support our cause by calling and writing our Senators and Representatives today.

It’s fast and easy: Click here to email your representatives.

Yell it, scream it, clap your hands, and pound your feet like you’re calling the band back for an encore! Please help us ensure we survive by using your voice now (and tell a friend or 100 friends!).


Musicians At The House!

Photos by: Diane DiMemmo

Artists featured: Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son; Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band; Low Cut Connie; Mack; Deal Casino, Otherwise; Lullwater; Blacktop Mojo; Vintage Trouble, Hollis Brown; Red Sun Rising; Spirit Animal; Kirra; Sharptooth; Hold Close; Badflower; and As It Is

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