Fans Invited To Send A Video Of Themselves Singing The Chorus Of “We The People” (Remix) For a Chance To Be

Included In An Updated Version Of The Video That Will Be Available On Inauguration Day

New York, NY: On December 11th, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jake Clemons released “We The People” (remix,) a song and video that speaks to the belief that our nation should represent the certain unalienable rights of all people, that we are all created equal, that we are stronger as a whole and that our rights as a collective whole deserve to be defended.

“I wrote ‘We The People’ because I am sick of all of the division and all of the hatred being spewed. I wanted to remind people that the ideas that our country were founded on were ones of moral commitments, pushing towards a more perfect union,” stated Clemons.

“I’ve always had a fairly philosophical outlook and am happy to share views on society and culture, but never used that voice so directly through my music until now. Our Democracy is at risk. We have to remind our public servants as well as ourselves that the power belongs in one voice and the will of the people. If it’s been usurped, then we must first remember our obligation to uphold it for the common good of all people and to then demand it back.” 

We The People” was remixed by Matt Musty, mastered by Chris Dugan and the video was shot in Canada and edited by Mark Rashotte. The video will premiere on YouTube at 11 AM on Friday, December 11th and features Clemons singing, footage of the recent BLM protests and video images of friends, family and fans singing the chorus of the song. The video will continue to be updated as the Jake Clemons team adds footage of fans that have submitted a video of themselves singing the chorus of “We The People” (Remix) for a chance to be included in an updated version of the video (available on Inauguration Day.)

Videos can be sent by dropbox link, we-transfer link or directly to Mark@BigShotte.com.

We The People” is from Clemons most recent album, Eyes On The Horizon, produced by Jake Hull and Clemons and mixed by legendary and award winning producer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, The Beatles etc.,) and distributed by BFD / The Orchard. The ten song collection has Clemons once again creating a new chapter and taking it a step further by adding his voice to those seeking to find clarity in a complicated world and expanding both his musical vision and philosophical perspective.

✏️ Press courtesy of  Deborah Radel Public Relations ✏️

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